The lazy man's approach to water kefir
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I acquired some water kefir grains and I am maybe taking a lazy approach to caring for them, is it safe? And if not what should I be doing?

Last week I acquired some water kefir grains. The woman I got them from put them in a jar, threw in some sugar, a dried apricot, a slice of lemon, filled up the jar with water and closed it up.

After a couple of days I drank some (decanting about 3/4 the liquid). It was fine, although not great. I dumped some sugar into the remaining water and kefir grains in the jar, filled it up, and then drank some more two days later. I repeated that process about three times. Today I took out the apricot (it adds a kind of gross smell - but definitely not a rotten smell) and used lemon juice instead of an actual lemon.

All of that is to ask - is what I am doing safe? What happens if I swallow some kefir grains by accident? How wrong can it all go? Is that dried fruit really necessary? Doesn't the kefir just need carbohydrates of any kind as a food source (with sugar being the easiest to process)?
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You'll be fine; ingesting the grains is totally safe. More kefir info than you could possibly want to know can be found here: (scroll about halfway down for water kefir detail. More links at the bottom of the page.) Fwiw, Dom, the guy who runs this site, was incredibly open and kind when I dialogued with him a few years ago and he'd probably be more than happy to answer any questions.
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cool cuddles, thanks!
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