Where too after Rome in March for beach holiday
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I am going to Rome for a weekend mid-march. After that I want to go for a week's holiday somewhere warm and with things to do (history, shops, etc).

Where can you recommend me travelling to for a 7 day break, returning to the UK afterwards.
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The term "beach holiday" appears only in the title of your question but not in the question itself. Are you specifically looking for a beach location? If the beach is not a necessary ingredient, why doesn't Rome fit what you are looking for perfectly? Rome is warm and has more history and shops and things to do than just about anywhere in the world.

That said, if you want beaches, there are lots of options in Italy, including the Amalfi coast, Puglia, or the Riviera. They won't necessarily have "beach weather" in March, though.

How far from Rome are you willing to go in order to find a warm beach?
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well, you can definitely take a walk on the beach in rome in march, but i wouldnt travel all the way from the uk for it...

seconding amalfi & thereabouts although they're a little bit touristy for my taste. How about sicily or malta? warmer, although maybe not as shopful.
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Cyprus or Malta
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I totally recommend the Amalfi coast. If you choose a less touristy town (hint: avoid Sorrento), you will probably be fine, especially since March isn't high season for beach tourism in that part of the world.

I stayed in Positano a few years ago and loved it.

Cinque Terre is a little further afield and isn't a "beach destination" per se, but it might make a great side trip at that time of year (from what I understand of the Italian climate, March isn't exactly swimming weather).
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