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When a hairstylist offers a complimentary bang trim between haircuts, do you tip them for this? I would assume yes, but how much?
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I usually give them 5 bucks.
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I tip my stylist the amount that I would tip for a regular haircut.
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Yeah, tip what you normally would tip if you had paid for a bang trim which, around these parts, is $10-$20. I tip $5.
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I just got in touch with my daughter-in-law (which is what I should have done in the first place), who works at a high-end salon. She does offer complimentary bang trims and she says a fair amount to tip would be 3.00-5.00.

I kinda thought the same amount as a tip for an entire haircut (I have a LOT of hair, and it's long), or even as much as $10 was too high, but thanks for all your responses!

At least now some of you know you've most likely been tipping too much. :)
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I just want to note that typically, it isn't the stylist setting prices - it's the salon. If the salon's policy is to offer free bang trims, then the stylist has to go along. So that's another reason to tip.
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The last time I tried to tip for a free bang trim, my stylist wouldn't let me. She said that it was truly a complementary service they offered and she didn't even want the tip. I felt bad, but she's the woman with the scissors so I respected her request. I just tipped a little more the next time I went in for a haircut.
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Yeah, I tip $5 for a hair clean-up.
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At least now some of you know you've most likely been tipping too much. :)

Tipping is highly dependent on region, salon, and plenty of other factors. Without knowing where you are (or where your daughter-in-law works) it is harder to say what you should be tipping, or how that relates to other salons in other areas. I go to a medium-end place in L.A., and tip $10 for bang trims.

Maybe I tip too much...maybe I tip too little...maybe it is about right. But I think leaning a little towards overly generous is where I'd like to be, both because I know that it is often a hard way to make a living, and because my stylist has, in the past, moved her schedule around to fit me in last-minute or on odd hours. She's great, and I try to show my appreciation where I can.
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