It's their party. I don't want to make them cry.
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Good gifts for a couple sharing a birthday party? Especially an "experience" gift located in or around Toronto?

Yes, I realize gift questions are dreary, but I've got 4 days to come up with a gift for a friend and his wife who are celebrating a big birthday together. It would be nice if this gift could be an "experience" (concert, gallery, etc.), but I don't want to be too specific about it (i.e. I don't want to force them to see a show/band that they don't want to see). Ideally, then, I'm looking for some kind of gift certificate that could be put towards an experience of some sort. Key areas of interest include: music, film, art, anything related to alcohol, etc. Prefer to avoid: cooking classes, spas, sporty stuff. Any ideas?

Failing that, any cool ideas for a "physical" gift?

Budget: around $100 (but if it's a great idea I'm willing to go up)
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Get them a gift certificate for a local upscale bar and tell them it's explicitly for a "tasting" evening? Or passes to a local film festival so thy can pick and choose what films they want to see?
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This toronto tourism site has 'experience packages' that would probably be cool even for someone who lives here.
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You could get them a membership to TIFF (the Toronto International Film Festival). It'll set you back $150 for a membership for the two of them. They'll get free tickets to the Tim Burton exhibit (which otherwise would cost them $45), advanced ticket purchases during the film festival and 25% off screenings at the Bell Lightbox for the 11 months of the year the film festival isn't on. There are other benefits too, details here:

Both the ROM and AGO have membership plans in the same price range. The main benefit these have is free admission whenever they want to go. They'd have to go a few times to make it worthwhile but it would allow them to spend time with the exhibits as opposed to seeing everything in a rush.
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Toronto's excellent theater company, Soulpepper, offers gift certificates in your price range.
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