Atul Gawande of business writing
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Is there an Atul Gawande of business writing? Recommend some good business writers!
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Michael Lewis
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Seconding Michael Lewis.
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He's not particularly my cup o' tea, but Seth Godin has a following.
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I'm partial to Felix Salmon as well as Lewis. John Steele Gordon is an economic historian whose books I've enjoyed, even if I don't always agree with him on everything.
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I enjoyed When Genius Failed by Roger Lowenstein about the fall of Long-Term Capital Management.
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Thirding Michael Lewis.
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I'm a sucker for business "novels" which dramatize the authors' dry business theories. My favorites are Patrick Lencioni (particularly Death by Meeting and Three Signs of a Miserable Job), Eliyahu Goldratt (The Goal and Critical Chain), Jeff Cox (The Venture). Gawande makes his material accessible for a general audience by relying on anecdotes. The business novelists are aiming at businessmen, not a general audience, and using fiction rather than anecdotes, but the effect is similar - though I wouldn't hold any of them up as stellar writers.

Also, fourthing Michael Lewis, who definitely can write.
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On the management end of things, the "Rands In Repose" blog ( is very good. He has a book, too.
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Lewis is good, but he showed a little too much willingness to indulge in the bullshit of his hosts and guides in Iceland and Ireland for those VF. Elves and fairies, indeed.

I forgot the name until today: David Cay Johnston.
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Guy Kawasaki - particularly Rules for Revolutionaries.
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