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Concert Advice: Yann Tiersen (previously) will be playing two nights in NYC in February. The first show will be an "unplugged set with orchestra," while the second will be with the "regular band." I can only attend one of these shows. Help me decide which.

I've been a fan of pretty much his entire catalog of work, with the exception of his most recent album. I've also never seen him live, although I have listened to plenty of live recordings and radio sessions. For whatever it's worth, the Saturday night "Regular Band" show will be easier for me to attend, although my gut instinct is to want to attend the Friday night show.

If anybody's seen any of his recent shows in either (or both) settings, any guidance and/or advice would be appreciated! I know that this comes down to personal preference, but I'm also having a difficult time trying to determine exactly how the two shows will differ....

Snowflake Details: The one-night-only restriction is a logistical one. I'm taking a family member who is also a big Yann Tiersen fan to see the show, and NYC is the most mutually convenient location for us, although it's not convenient enough for us to take two trips to see both shows. If the two shows are sufficiently awesome/different, I can catch his "Full Band" show in DC the week before.
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Best answer: Likelihood of being able to see him with his band in the future: very good.

Likelihood of being able to see him unplugged with orchestra in the future: not so good.

Therefore, go to the unplugged show.
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Orchestra all the way. If you don't like the new album, you're not likely to enjoy the full band shows. Whereas he's more likely to do a broad selection of Tiersen classics with the benefit of the full orchestra.
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Likelihood of being able to see him unplugged with orchestra in the future: not so good.

I've had the chance to go to two of his concerts in the past few years, both were "regular band" shows. Neither was particularly impressive.

Thirding the orchestra.
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orchestra for sure. i saw him this year and it was all his 'new' stuff. if you fell in love with him over amélie etc, you won't be into the show with his band at all.
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Response by poster: Saw the orchestra show: They played mostly new stuff (sigh), but I liked it a lot better than what was on the album, and the few old songs he did play were pretty fantastic.

(Also: The Highline Ballroom is such a great venue. One of the best anywhere.)
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