I was thinking cans of tomato soup, but that may be too esoteric...
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I'm not much of a sports fan (or a cook), but we have been invited to a Super Bowl party at my brother's place. He's a big Steelers fan, and I want to bring food that says "Pittsburgh."

Making things more difficult: It has to travel for 45 minutes to an hour. I'm not a very good cook (although I <3 my crockpot). Anything requiring fancy techniques or 50 steps or more than rudimentary knife skills is out. Also, Mr. Arkham (and my sister-in-law) are pescatarians...there will be other stuff there for them to eat, but bonus points if you can come up with something vegetarian or seafood-only.
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Butterscotch Krimpets from Tastykake

Pepperoni rolls
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Pierogies. (vegetarian)
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Response by poster: Pepperoni rolls might be do-able. I could make some with real pepperoni and some with fake. But what do they mean by "frozen dinner rolls"? Something like this?
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Best answer: Yes, something like that. Or for bigger (longer) rolls, you can use the loaf bread instead of dinner rolls.
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Pepperoni rolls are more of North central WV thing than a 'Burgh thing. I wouldn't recommend making those.

Brats (veggie??), Pierogies (you can get frozen ones--potatoes, etc). Make french fries and put them on veggie sandwiches--Primanti Brothers sandwiches. Make Black and yellow saksa (corn and black beans?)
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Potato and cheese pierogis are awesome. The frozen ones are pretty good and easy to make. (I would probably boil them, then layer in the crock pot with some butter or oil and sliced onions. Onions are a must.)
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Throw french fries on top of the salad and stuff fries inside sandwiches. And Klondike bars originated in Pittsburgh!
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Best answer: Haluski! Vegetarian, keeps well, and it's delicious.

I bet there are recipes out there for doing most of it in your crockpot, and if it travels, well, that's pretty perfect.
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Chipped chopped ham sandwiches with four ingredients.
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Food only? Because if you could get your hands on some Iron City Beer, your friend might cry. From happy.
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Food only? Because if you could get your hands on some Iron City Beer, your friend might cry. From happy.

My family is from Pittsburgh, and I agree with this times a thousand. Times ten thousand. Are there more thousands to agree with? I claim them all.

Maybe call some distributors near you and ask who they sell to?
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Response by poster: Thanks, all! Haluski sounds good and easy (though I'm totally making veggie pepperoni rolls for myself sometime).

Oddly, my brother is indifferent to beer. Yeah, I don't know either.
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MsMolly: I'm from Philadelphia, and I always thought Tastykakes were a Philadelphia thing. I'd be offended if someone thought that I would appreciate things typical of Pittsburgh, and I bet it goes both ways.
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Sadly, I'm an Eagles fan in Stillers country. The last time the Stillers were in the Super Bowl we had a party at work. I brought Steelers Smiley cookies from Eat'N'Park and all the Pittsburgh fans loved them.
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Pierogies, kielbasa, haluski, Iron City and for dessert...gobs! Although you will probably have to google "whoopie pies" to find a recipe. *sigh*

Pepperoni rolls? I don't consider that a Pittsburgh food...first I've heard that.
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Not yinz guys food, but

In my experince both throwing and attending football parties, I think the best thing to bring is guacamole. Not a little guacamole, but like, 10-15-20 avacados worth of guac. It comes to about 30-50 dollars, and most people haven't seen GIANT tubs of guac in the past. It seems a bit extravagant, is vegan, rich, basically everything you're looking for.

http://kalynskitchen.blogspot.com/2009/04/recipe-for-cilantro-lovers-perfect.html is pretty similar to what I do, although I add red onions.

If you decide to go this way, buy the avocados now so they can be perfectly ripe.
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Agreed that for some reason I think of Tastycakes as being more of a Philadelphia thing. You could maybe make a cake in the shape of a 7, colored in black and yellow somehow? If other people are bringing dinner things, a dessert might be nice.
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Pop. Plenty of pop. As in yuns want some more pop?

Hint: Buy ordinary coca-cola and just call it "pop."
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Yes yes yes to the Eat n' Park smiley cookies. Coleslaw. Yuengling beer is not really from here but everyone drinks it (or Iron City!!!). Isaly's ice cream. Chipped ham. Coleslaw. Heinz anything!
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