Need a contract to licence my artwork
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I'm licencing out some artwork to be sold on shirts and need a decent free example contract to work from.


I sell shirts online and from time to time I get offers from third parties seeking permission to sell my designs in stores. I'd like to have a template contract for licencing out my art (for non-exclusive use) on hand that I can adjust with the appropriate info for each case.

I know there are tons of free sample contracts out there online for all different uses, but I'm having a hard time finding one that fits my particular situation and covers at least most of the bases listed on this list of do's and don'ts

I have pal who is a lawyer and he is happy to take a look at whatever I come up with, and tweak as necessary. The key is that as long as it doesn't need a major rewrite he'll handle it for free. So while the sample contract doesn't need to be perfect, ideally it'll be decent enough so get by with only minor tweaking.

So bottom line, anyone have a link handy to a free resource for this particular kind of contract?
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Check this out.
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