sucking nookie?
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While in Amsterdam in October of this year, at Kelly's Irish Pub, my fiancee and I heard a bizarre dance song that included the words "nookie sucky", repeated over and over as a chorus.

It may also be the title of the song.

We tried to contact the folks at Kelly's to answer this, to no avail. Does anyone possibly know which song this is? Googling turned up nothing.
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Any chance it's a bastardization of the chorus from Ein Prosit? It'd be a bit of an odd choice for an Irish pub, but sometimes comes out whenever you get a bunch of people and beer in the same room regardless.

The chorus is typically written as "Zicke, zacke, zicke, zacke, hoi, hoi, hoi" (with the german 'z' pronounced like the final 'ts' in 'cats') but it's not hard to imagine it sounding like "nookie sucky" particularly if it was being sung by an especially ... festive ... crowd.

I've heard people chant the "zicke, zacke" part without the rest of Ein Prosit, seemingly a sort of slightly-classier way of saying "chug, chug, chug."
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Maybe The Nuki Song by the Gummy Bear? Dont know how to hyperlink from my phone but here's the link:
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I'm afraid I don't know the answer (I too hunted for a while on DogPile , the names Limp Bizkit and "Krystal Karrington" lyrics by CAMP LO popped up quite a lot, but I couldn't say that was the answer - sounds nothing like your description), but you could try to contact the bar - They might have staff that prepare the music (a DJ and an indy band or something) who might just be able to help (beside if they do help you can tell the World how cool they/the band are!)

Is this the place?

Good luck!
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OOps! Sorry, I missed the last sentence of your post!
Just too eager, i guess
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Here's clip of the drinking chant that Kadin2048 mentioned, it's the first thing I thought of as well. I could see how you might hear it as "nookie sucky", but maybe not.
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Niki Hokey?
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Best answer: Gotta be 'Nuki Suki' by Little Richard
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Response by poster: It is in fact Little Richard's Nuki Suki! Thanks, gnutron!
Nuki suki, nuki suki, gimme some!
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