What are some web services worth paying for?
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What are some web services worth paying for?

What are some good/quality websites/web services besides metafilter and pinboard.in that require a one-time sign up fee which are worth paying for? Services with an annual fee can also be considered but I'm not really looking for ones that have a monthly fee.
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As a long-term and very heavy Livejournal user, I've had a paid account for years. And the last time they offered permanent accounts, I went ahead and bought one. I haven't regretted it since! Never have to worry about renewing my account, always have the maximum possible number of userpics and amount of storage space...it's been nice. But then, I'm a crazy weirdo whose social life is still incredibly LJ-centric, long after the site's gone out of vogue.
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One of the few websites that I pay for is SoundCloud, which I pay for despite the fact that I have a free unlimited account at a similar site because the functionality and user experience is so good.

It's monthly/yearly so not quite what you were looking for, but I'm guessing that you were looking for "examples of high enough quality to be worth money" and it's certainly that.
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Remember the Milk charges $25 for a 1-year "pro" subscription which gives you access to the mobile apps and priority support. It's worth it for those who, like me, make lists for nearly everything.
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Rhapsody has always been pretty good, if you have a computer running where you listen to music.
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They're yearly/monthly fees, but they're so good I have to mention it: I live and die by my Evernote and Dropbox use, so those are two that's well worth the money to me.
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Usenet. Enough said.
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I love Pandora, Flickr, and Dreamwidth, and have never regretted paying for any of those services. And, of course, MetaFilter.
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Yeah...Flickr, Usenet, Dropbox...and the SomethingAwful forums...if that's your thing.
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Thirding Usenet.
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I pay a monthly fee of around $4 per month to the Amazon S3 service for backup storage. They charge a flat fee by the GB.
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Netflix and Flickr.
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Sneakemail for $24/year.
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Response by poster: All great answers so far - keep 'em comin! As for Usenet, sorry if this sounds naive, but is usenet.com your provider? if not, what are some Usenet providers you would recommend?
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Its not one time, but I annually pay for Pandora and Back Blaze (cloud based online backup of my PC)
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(oh on looking at CPB's suggestion, I get consumer reports too)
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Flickr, possibly Apple's DotMac (or whatever they're calling it this week) if you have a Mac.

SDF is a very traditional, multi-user Unix system which has a free account and then a $36 one-time-payment, lifetime-membership tier that gives you access to just about everything you would have had on a good .edu or corporate Unix system, circa sometime in the early/mid 90s. (And access to some even-more-nostalgia-inducing stuff, like a TWENEX box.) It's very nerdy but if you're into that sort of thing it's a lot of fun. Totally worth the fee, and the money goes towards keeping the system operational.
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4th'ing Usenet (I use a monthly Giganews subscription as my Server/source. .and software "Newsbin" as my client)

Dropbox has already been mentioned (much more peace of mind to know all my valuable files are backed-up "in the cloud". I also purchased 1Password to manage all my Usernames/Passwords (80+ sites). .and that password-database file is synced to Dropbox as well, so I have access to it from my computer, iPhone or iPad. Total WIN.)
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LibraryThing for keeping track of your library. A lifetime account is something like $25.
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I pay for Flickr, Rhapsody, LastPass, MozyHome cloud backup, RememberTheMilk, and a contact management app from 37Signals whose name I am forgetting (Backpack?). I use the free versions of Dropbox, Instapaper, and Evernote.
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The contact management app is called Highrise.
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I pay for LJ, Flickr, Netflix, and Something Awful forums.
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MobileMe! :D
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I pay for Pandora, Netflix, BackBlaze, and MobileMe. I love MM's syncing capabilities between devices. Pandora and Netflix are just awesome anyway.

BackBlaze is the only cloud backup service that hasn't throttled my uploads (yet). Carbonite and Mozy both throttled me after a certain amount uploaded.
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Fastmail.fm ; offers a lot besides email : file storage, websites, photo galleries, etc.

I chose ZumoDrive for sharing files & music amongst several computers (different OSs) and my iPhone.

CrashPlan for 'real' backups (which isn't to say DropBox ain't great as a quick and dirty backup solution)
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I just renewed my Flickr Pro account after using it this past year. It's far and away the best photo storage/sharing/exploring service I've ever used.
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I cheerfully pay for data backup at rsync.net, solely because of their superlative stance on privacy.
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Response by poster: Thanks for everyone's answer! All great answers :)
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meta.mark... Lifehacker come under a lot of fire for actually talking about Usenet, but it's still a good way to get started. Usenet users generally like to be left alone because it's best when nobody comes knocking.
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Definitely Flickr and MobileMe, but I don't see anyone else saying Internet Garage Sale, which i really like and which i wish had taken off better. http://franklabs.com/igs/
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Response by poster: Update: even though I've marked this question as "resolved" I found this askmefi thread and thought you guys might find it interesting as well.
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Evernote is pretty awesome....
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Dial2Do. Just paid for it (first year of payment starts now.)

I can call a phone number, say "email" and a contact name I've used before and just say the email. Totally safe while driving. Ditto for the ability to SMS with my voice.
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