What are your go-to songs for making sweet love to?
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Say you're getting hot and heavy with that special person in your life, and say you'd like to play some music while you're Doing the Deed. What's spinning on your record player? The sexier and more lust-inducing your suggestions are, the better. Thanks!
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The Mingus version of Duke Ellington's mood indigo sounds like slow skin-to-skin contact feels, I think.
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Madness by Muse
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A few:

Glory Box (Portishead)
Makes Me Wanna Die (Tricky)
Coffee (Sylvan Esso)
Together (The xx)
I Don't Care (Twin Shadow)
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Tricky - Blowback
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It's old but Sexy Boy by Air is great and fits the bill. Moody, sensual, steady beat...
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One More Night-- Stars
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Black no 1 by Type O Negative will make any girl instantly forget you and fall for the band's singer instead.
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Peter Gabriel - Passion. It's the soundtrack to The Last Temptation of Christ. Hypnotic and gorgeous and sexy.
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Sade. Seriously.
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STRAYLIGHT RUN - "Existentialism On Prom Night" and "Another Word for Desperate"
THE RED JUMPSUIT APPARATUS - "Cat and Mouse" and my personal favorite, "Your Guardian Angel" (My wedding song)

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My Bloody Valentine's Loveless
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Afghan Whigs, 1965 (best example).

Previously, kindasorta.
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I'm going to have to go with a proven classic:

Type Marvin Gaye into Pandora and enjoy.
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Santana, Samba Pa Ti
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Best answer: If you're into rock or metal:

Behemoth "Slaves Shall Serve"
Cradle of Filth "Amor E Morte"
Cradle of Filth "Her Ghost in the Fog"
Buckcherry "Crazy Bitch"
Korn "Cameltosis"
Slipknot "Vermillion" or "Vermillion Part 2" depending on the mood. Vermillion Part 2, unlike my other suggestions, is a sweetly sad and haunting "slow jam".

...My personal favorites... I think I need a few moments alone now...
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Roxy Music's Avalon - the entire album or Bryan Ferry's Slave to Love. Bryan Ferry's voice is like silk.
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I've actually made a playlist for this purpose. I tend to prefer the sultry end of the spectrum.

Born to Die - Lana Del Rey
Fuego! - Murder by Death
Islands - The xx
Forget That You're Young - The Raveonettes
Rich - Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Is This Desire? - PJ Harvey
One More Night - Stars
Come on Petunia - The Blow
Infinity - The xx
Ball and Biscuit - The White Stripes
I Know I Know I Know - Tegan and Sara
Breathe Me - Four Tet Remix - Sia
Blue Jeans - Lana Del Rey
Future Starts Slow - The Kills
Do I Wanna Know? - Arctic Monkeys
Ribs - Lorde
Hey - Pixies
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Oh... I should also add I had a partner who always played Madonna's "Erotica" during intimate moments. Not my style of music but it nonetheless worked for us!
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Not on YouTube sadly, but if you have Spotify, try "Beat Beat" by The Natural History. HOLY CRAP IS THAT SEXY.
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Not sure what this says, but for several months in 2003 I had sex to nothing but Black Sabbath's eponymous album. Every time.

Otherwise, I'll suggest Massive Attack's Inertia Creeps.
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Seconding Passion.

An old boyfriend also insisted that The Stones' It's Only Rock And Roll was the best music to have sex to, but it's somewhat of a different mood.
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Zeppelin's Whole Lotta Love.
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I would basically just play inc.'s No World / MBV's loveless. not something I've done, but I feel like it'd work well. only notable sound track I've had was a playlist full of Shaggy and R-Kelly and gotta say, didn't quite hit the right notes.
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al green and barry white aren't sexy enough?
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One Dove - Morning Dove White LP
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LTJ Bukem Pandora station.
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(Taken straight from my "Swoon" playlist, feel free to explore other songs by the same artists.)

James Vincent McMorrow - Cavalier
American Royalty - Mariah
Black Atlass - Jewels
Ben Khan - Drive, Pt. 1
Lo-Fang - Light Year
Deptford Goth - Guts No Glory
Movement - Us
Pedestrian - Hoyle Road
Elliot Moss - Slip
Glass Animals - Cocoa Hooves
RY X - Berlin
Hayden James - Embrace
Samuel - Steam Train
Still Parade - Actors
How To Dress Well - Words I Don't Remember
Hozier - Take Me To Church
Vancouver Sleep Clinic - Collapse
SOHN - Bloodflows
Jai Paul - Jasmine
Miles Bonny - Still Miles
James Blake - The Wilhelm Scream
JMSN - Alone (Kastle Remix)
Josef Salvat - Hustler
Kwabs - Last Stand
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I think MeFi introduced me to Lovage, and Music to Make Love to Your Old Lady By. I'm still not sure how I feel about the album, although Strangers on a Train - mmmmhmmm. Apparently the entire album is on YouTube? You have nothing to lose by trying it out.

I still love Buena Vista Social Club - pretty classic, but it does have some specific associations for me.

On that note, Diana Krall, The Girl in the Other Room is pretty great. (Link to the specific song, but the entire album is great...)
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Can't believe nobody has suggested Nine Inch Nails' Closer yet.
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Ginuwine - Pony
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Az Yet Last Night
Lorna Vallings Taste
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It's insane that I'm posting this almost nine hours after this went up. You're slipping guys:

Wild Horses (Rolling Stones cover) - The Sundays
Fade into You - Mazzy Star

These songs are so unaffectedly sexy. Please keep in mind these are romantic-sexy, not drrrty-sexy, but they still deserve to be posted here!!!
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Definitely not for everyone...but if you enjoy dark ambient music, here are a few suggestions from my Eros playlist that may help turn up the heat for sexytimes:

Emme Ya - Hemhemti (Devourer ov Souls)
Beyond Sensory Experience - Yearning
Lustmord - The Harrow
Sator Absentia - Enter the Red Garden of Frustration
Hedningarna - Räven

If you want a full dark ambient album to accompany your carnal pleasures, I recommend New Risen Throne's "Whispers of the Approaching Wastefulness."

As I said, not for everyone. But for those of us who happen to be wired this way, music like this can be incredibly hot.
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Two good previous relevant queries with lots of answers.
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Dirty: Get Down Make Love by Queen
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Blonde Redhead, spcifically the "Misery is a Butterfly" and "23" albums

Gorillaz D.A.R.E. for really fun sex
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Oh and Goldfrapp - Lovely Head
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For some reason, every time I listen to Zero7's album "When it falls" I think it sounds like sex music. Not, um, systematically tested, doesn't exactly rev me up, but somehow seems like music to get... sensory to.
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Response by poster: Excellent suggestions. I put together a 1.5 hour playlist on Spotify, if anyone wants the hear/critique it. I'm happy to share.

: )
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Yes, please share!
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Response by poster: http://open.spotify.com/user/tachobill/playlist/5CKP2LxJH2JeI4kS9MEQZ0

I think that should work. Let me know if otherwise.
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Axxess & Ace by Songs: Ohia is pretty much the makeout record of the century.

The first She Wants Revenge album (self-titled) is excellent for getting your debauch on.

Robots In Disguise have a few appropriate tracks that you should add to any mix ("Turn It Up" and "The Sex Has Made Me Stupid").

Type O Negative, Portishead, and Goldfrapp are all good suggestions. In my experience The Tea Party album Transmission is quite productive because Jeff Martin's voice gets women pretty gooey (but that depends on what you're after, of course).

TV On The Radio, Interpol, Editors, The Soft Moon, A Place To Bury Strangers, and Dead Can Dance are all good background music. But then, Love Sex Machine could also be good - it really depends on what sort of people are there!
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The Power Rangers theme tune.

No I'm not joking. It only happened once, by accident, but I still have fond memories.
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