Erotic, moody song selections
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I'm looking for songs with an ambient, erotic vibe. I'm digging Norah Jones new song "Little Broken Hearts," and have it filed with Sade's "No Ordinary Love," and Genesis' "Mama" in this category, but am looking for more suggestions for a full playlist.

More Portishead, less Marvin Gaye. Stuff with a Daniel Lanois vibe, even soundtracks such as "Last Temptation of Christ" fit...
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Emmylou Harris's "I Don't Want To Talk About It Now" (the album version is closer to what you're asking for, but this live performance may give you a taste for the song).
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Wild Beasts, moreso the second and third albums.
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Best answer: Mazzy Star's Rhymes of an Hour
This Mortal Coil's Song to the Siren
Yo La Tengo's Nowhere Near
Morphine's I'm Yours You're Mine
My Bloody Valentine Sometimes
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Best answer: Peter Murphy, Socrates the Python (lyrics aren't erotic, but the mood is)
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Electric Relaxation, A Tribe Called Quest

I Want You, Erykah Badu
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Look into Lovespirals, especially the Long Way from Home and Future Past albums.
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When Last I Was a Fisherman, by Jane Siberry, off the album Tree.
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Best answer: air and hope sandoval - cherry blossom girl
morcheeba - howling, moog island
mazzy star - into dust
bjork - possibly maybe
tori amos - iieee
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Arto Lindsay - Mundo Civilizado
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I have recently become partial to a brand of music called "chillwave," which is very ambient, very moody, and -- depending on the artist -- very sexy.

Check out a band called Washed Out. They (or he, rather, since it is technically only one guy but he does have other musicians who play with him) have one studio album called Within and Without. I can listen to it straight through without skipping a single song. Here is the Amazon page for the album where you can listen to the song samples. Some of my favorites are Amor Fati and Far Away. The whole album puts me in mind of walking along a beach on a cloudy night.

I realize the above music may fall out of the range of music that you're looking for for this specific playlist. I have a playlist very similar in concept to what you are creating, and I tend to like the more New Wave-y/electronic type of music. Not sure if this will help at all, but I'll list some of my favorite songs that I have in that playlist.

The Cars - You Wear Those Eyes
Arcadia - Keep Me In The Dark
Depeche Mode - The Things You Said

Those are three of my faves that I hope fit your profile!
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Melissa Ferrick - Drive
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Goldfrapp, "Time Out From the World".

Samatha James, "Waves of Change".
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Martina Topley-Bird. There's an amazing, perfect, very sexy mix of Soul Food on the Oliver Peoples 4 compilation CD (audio sample is at the bottom; unfortunately I can't find any way to stream the whole song online online - the youtube versions that claim to be this mix are not the same one). A couple of (slightly less but still) good ones that you can find online: Anything and Sandpaper Kisses. Also worth checking out Maxinquaye (Pumpkin, for example -- it's Tricky's album, but she did all the vocals).

Lamb - Gorecki

Definitely check out the Big Sonic Heaven playlists. BSH was a long-running radio show that played late-night Sundays in Detroit in the 90s, and it is a treasure trove of songs like this.

If you don't absolutely need electronic flavor, Cowboy Junkie and Mazzy Star (ie, Fade Into You) will work very well.
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Clint Mansell's soundtrack to Moon

The entire album of Love and Rockets Hot Trip to Heaven. Here's one track.

And I second the suggestion of the album Maxinquaye by Tricky.

Not sure if anyone other than me feels this way, but The Diamond Sea by Sonic Youth absolutely hits that note for me.
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Enigma - Sadeness part I
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Heaven's Earth by Delerium was the first song I ever heard that really struck me as sexy. I first heard it some 15 years ago, and it still gives me chills. Reminds me of my husband too, which doesn't hurt~
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I think this is pretty sexy:

Renegade Soundwave - "Renegade Soundwave (Leftfield Remix)
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Rickie Lee Jones' entire Ghostyhead album.
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I came in here to recommend Martina Topley-Bird as well. It should be noted that her album Blue God was produced by Danger Mouse, who also produced this Norah Jones album. A lot of it has a very similar vibe.

Some songs from Blue God:

Check out Esthero, too:
Swallow Me
My Torture
Song for Holly
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Best answer: Portishead - Glory Box
And pretty much anything that has Beth Gibbons singing in it.
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Oh you said Portishead.

/need to remember to read the full posts...
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Elysian Fields - Black Acres
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Golden Palominos. Specifically, the albums This is How it Feels and Pure.
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The Twin Peaks soundtrack.
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Natacha Atlas's cover of I Put a Spell on You
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Feist - Honey Honey
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Bat for Lashes: Sleep Alone
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Anything from Massive Attack's Mezzanine album, but especially this one
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More Massive Attack
Blue Bell Knoll by Cocteau Twins
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Semi-locals Jesse Skyes and the Sweet Hereafter may have what you're after. I was hanging out with Jesse a couple of years ago and asked her when she was going to make The Great American Make-out Record. She looked at me like I was nuts, but I find her tunes kind make me feel...y'know.
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