Where can I find a men's golf tam crochet or knit pattern?
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My partner's dad wants a floppy golf hat like the Three Stooges wear in this picture. I need a pattern to either crochet or knit (preferably crochet) a men's hat like this--I think it's called a tam. Does anyone know of a good pattern or a reliable place online to search for men's hat patterns?

I use ravelry (I have the same username there as my mefi username) but it's hard to filter their patterns for men's hats specifically. I am suspicious of most of my Google search results as SEO trash.

I want something designed with a large man's head in mind. He also wants a big pom pom on top, and it to be made in red white and blue, but I think I can take care of that separate from the pattern.
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I just looked up Tam O'Shanter crochet pattern in google. Hope it helps.
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Response by poster: Have you made any of these patterns? Are they reliable? This is what I was hoping to get out of asking metafilter rather than just googling it.
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You've checked ravelry.com, yeah?
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Best answer: I don't have any recommendations for hats I have made myself but these two look very promising on Ravelry:

Morgan (more of a flat cap style)
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