I forgot my password to login and need the prompt. How do I get it to give me a hint??
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How do I get my Mac to prompt me for a password hint on the startup screen?? I reset my password last week and I copied and pasted it in the password hint in case I forgot. It turns out I did. But for some reason it won't prompt me for a hint even though I have been trying to guess over and over incorrectly.

From what I understand on forums it usually prompts you with a hint after three times of unsuccessful login. If it would just prompt me I could see what the password is. Is there some kind of trick that if you paste your password into the hint box it disables it?? I am at a loss here and don't feel like reinstalling my whole operating system in order to reset the password. Ack! Help a girl out (typing this from my brother's computer!!)

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Skip the agitas and reset it from the install disc.
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If you are trying to log on from the screensaver wake-up, it will never display the hint. Use the power button to force it back to the main login window and it will display after three failed attempts.
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Response by poster: I figured it out! Thanks Lame_username you really saved the day. The screensaver was tricking me. Thanks again (writing from my laptop now!!)
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