Left-of-center Seasonal Musical Recommendation Needed
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A recent Metafilter thread on Hanukkah music, as well as a Dec. 1 posting about nontraditional suggestions for a show, inspired me to ask the tribe for assistance with this year's project. Help me locate THE holiday music find of the year.

My tastes are unconventional and eclectic - as an example, I just placed an order for something called "Christmas Tubas." But I am only semi-hopeful that this will truly turn out to be this year's find. Please don't break my heart by directing me to something which is commercially unavailable - unless you tell me about something wonderful which USED to exist and now only exists in your personal collection, but, oh by the way, I might also be interested in [other title here] which IS available and worth pursuing. And while we are at it, YouTube links are always welcome...but once again, not in lieu of something I can actually purchase. I tend to prefer non-trad treatments of traditional music to newly-minted tunes, but this is not an absolute. Also, while I prefer the CD format, I am willing to dip my toes into the shark-infested waters of digital downloading (legal only.)
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Miracle, by Matisyahu (Hasidic reggae)
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Abney Park has a nice (and by nice I mean dark and creepy) Christmas CD.
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Amazon has a free mp3 every day until Christmas, and Target has a group of free mp3s.

I love The Closing of the Year from the movie Toys. Here's the music video. Couldn't find the full clip from the movie, which is really magical.
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"Candlelight" by Yeshiva University's Maccabeats is absolutely entertaining, and several other a cappella groups have covered and/or released loads of Christmas music.
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My current favourite holiday song is Kate Miller-Heidke's cover of White Wine in the Sun.
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From Christmas Eve to Christmas Morn by Brian D'Arcy James is great. Some traditional stuff, some you've probably never heard. And his voice is just amazing. You can hear clips here, probably on iTunes too.
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Free holiday country music from your friends at People, requires iTunes.
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i just found out about Santastic. It's free for legal download (as far as i can tell, it's legal) and you can get 5 albums' worth of christmas songs remixed with pop or rap songs (you have to click around once you're at the link, but you're basically looking for vol 1-5 of this album).
it's not perfect - there are lots of less-than-amazing remixes - but i'd recommend 'Rudolph, you don't have to put on the red light' (which you could actually youtube here to see if you're into this kind of thing to begin with before spending time, bandwidth and harddrive space downloding.)
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I have no idea what you're asking for. So probably Root Boy Slim's "Xmas at KMart" is way off target.
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