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I'm looking for some good indie-pop holiday music, preferrably in various artists format.

Sufjan's album makes me nasueous. Kindercore is dead. My Pal God and Total Gaylord aren't putting out comps this year. Any recommendations for good (indie/twee/blip-hop/freak-folk, etc) x-mas or chanukkah compilations?
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Best answer: There is a Bright Eyes Xmas album that I quite like. Not a compilation unfortunately. The version of "Little Drummer Boy" totally rocks.
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Oh jeez, Sufjan Steven's five-disc box-set, "Songs for Christmas."
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London's XFM did this album a few years back.

We like it at my house.
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Ah yes, also, Canadian artist Hawksley Workman has a fun little Christmas EP called "Almost a Full Moon."

In my experience, there aren't too many Christmas compilations filled with high-quality indie music, so I usually put together my own playlists. Just make sure it has Tom Waits' version of "Silent Night" on it.

(Last note: Blind Boys of Alabama, while not at all indie but certainly good music, have a Christmas album called Go Tell It on the Mountain.)
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"Music from the OC: Mix 3" is Christmas music.
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Best answer: Some of the songs from "The 8 Bits of Christmas" (scroll down) are fun.
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Ignore the fact that Avril Lavigne is on this and check it out. Also take a look at Bing Bang Holidang by Bleu and others (old, a little dated), and my personal favorite, Channukah Rocks by the Leevees.
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Best answer: Low released a Christmas record about 5 or so years ago that's pretty good.
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John Fahey is a progenitor of the current-day freak folk scene. His 1968 Christmas album, New Possibilities, is a keeper. It's edgy but not edgy enough that Auntie Edna will want you to turn off that darned noise for the love of pete!
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Ignore the fact that Avril Lavigne is on this and check it out.

from the top Amazon review:
Next is a very intriguing song called "Xmas Cake" by Rilo Kiley. I have no idea who she is (or most of the artists on this album for that matter) but I'll have to check out some of her other work.

tee hee. Anyway I really really like The McGarrigle Christmas Hour. It's a combination of traditionals and originals- technically all performed by "The McGarrigle family" but that encompasses a lot of people, notably Rufus Wainright.
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And I like the Bright Eyes album too. Technically it has his name on it, but I know at least "White Christmas" is sung by a woman- actually I suspect it to be Ms. "Rilo Kiley" herself.
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oh I guess it's not technically "indie," but the Phil Spector Christmas album from back in the day is really really great.
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Best answer: There was this released a few years ago, still pretty good.
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To follow on brina's link, all three albums in the "Maybe this Christmas..." series are worthwhile, if a bit uneven. If you're willing to go back a bit, Lump of Coal is a genius Christmas album from the early 90's. Out of print, but used copies are out there.
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I second the low christmas album. one of my xmas favorites for years now. For my money "Just like Christmas" is one of the best new holiday songs to come out since... since good holiday songs stopped coming out.
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Aimee Mann just released a Christmas album. Sounds like an awful idea, but everything she touches turns to gold, so you gotta give it the benefit of the doubt.
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Not indie-pop, but Mojo Nixon and the Toadliquors' Horny Holidays stuffs the stocking for me every year.
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It's not a compilation, but the Barenaked Ladies' Barenaked for the Holidays has some good stuff. Also available as DRM-free MP3 files for download or on a USB flash drive.
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How about A John Waters Christmas? Not exactly indie rock, but appealing to the same set.
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Best answer: you seem to have the indie xmas basics covered pretty well already. razzia records (out of sweden) just put out an indie xmas record... you also didn't mention the "christmas underground" cd that planting seeds put out a couple years back. they followed it up with a 5 songs xmas ep a year or so later with a national splits song that wasn't half bad.
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I second XFM's it's a cool cool christmas and interrobang: that 8 bits of christmas is GREAT!
posted by marxfriedrice at 9:02 PM on November 24, 2006's Xmas in Frisko stream is a gas, every year, with a mix of indie-pop, loungie, and novelty Christmas tunes.

Give it a listen.
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The "Maybe This Christmas" series might be worth a look.

I like the Death Cab song on this album, but I haven't really listened to the other ones.
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Best answer: I help run a Michigan-based indie label that does an annual holiday comp. Each CD is made up of submissions from all Michigan musicians who feel like contributing (Not just artists on the label). The last four year's worth are online for free here. Lots to sift through, but some gems to be had.
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it's not a compilation, but Christmas with the Vandals is great.
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