French-language holiday music recommendations?
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Can you recommend any fun and/or jazzy French-language holiday music?

I am not looking for classical or purely vocal music. Jazz would be ideal but French-language versions of goofy holiday fare would also be great.
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Do yo have an example of "holiday music"? While the French have Christmas carols, the tradition is not as strong as in Northern Europe or North America (there may be Belgium, Swiss or Québecois songs in French). There are some occasional Christmas songs for kids and covers from old US Christmas hits, but that's about it. The goofiest French "Christmas" song is probably this one.
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Not a traditional holiday song, but Claude François' Cette année-là is something of a New Year's classic.
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Best answer: It's true you don't actually hear that much French Christmas music in France (or, I didn't), but it does exist. There's loads, though a lot of it isn't fun. However.

Fun, jazzy, French-language version of goofy holiday fare:

Henri Salvador - Vive le vent (Jingle Bells), from the compilation Noël Ensemble. (Sadly, the rest of it isn't as nice IMO).

Some old-timey French Christmas music:

Tino Rossi - Noël blanc (White Christmas) et Douce nuit (Silent Night)
Charles Trenet - Chanson pour Noël
Line Renaud - Etoile des neiges
Edith Piaf - Le Noël dans la rue
Yvette Giraud - Joyeux Noël
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This CD has what you're looking for, I think (check a few samples to be sure), which you can also get through iTunes.
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Not sure if it fits your "jazzy" criteria, but here's two holiday songs I like in French (from Québec and Martinique respectively)

Fa la la by Bundock
Bons baisers de Fort de France by La Compagnie Créole

both from the 80s with not so great videoclips...
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Stella Artois has some fun French holiday songs in their new ads, the songs of which can be found in iTunes or Amazon under the artist Stella (first two hits). They're pretty short though :\
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