Screamin' Holiday Music
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ChristmasMusicFilter: Screamin' trumpet jazz holiday music?

Looking for holiday music that features screaming high trumpet and loud, swinging big bands. Things like this (skip to 2:15). Anyone know of more music like that?
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Check out 'God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen' on Jimmy Smith's 'Christmas Cookin'. It features Jimmy's B3 playing, but the band is slamming; the MP3 sample only gives you a taste.

P.S. - this is my favorite Christmas album. :-)
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Louis Armstrong, "Zat You Santa Claus?"

Louis Prima, "Shake Hands with Santa Claus"

The Ultra-Lounge Christmas Cocktails collections are good if you want a compilation, but I'm not certain exactly what's on them.
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"Everybody's Waitin' for the Man with the Bag" by Kay Starr. Swingin'-est Xmas song ever.
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"Christmas for Moderns" featuring the late Maynard Ferguson, as found on this digital re-issue of the Stan Kenton band's "A Merry Christmas" should be right up your alley. Nobody went higher, farther, and louder faster than Maynard...
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Bit on the mellower side in parts, but Duke Ellington's Nutcracker is pretty swingin'. Here's the overture; related vids have the other movements.
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I love the Brian Setzer Orchestra for my Christmas music fix. Lots of fun brass.
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Here's Al Hirt's Nutty Jingle Bells, from his 1972 Christmas album. If you listen to it on vinyl, you have one side which is all showboat sugarlips fun, and the flip, which is suitable if your mother is over teaching you how to make the family shortbread.

The Squirrel Nut Zippers have a Christmas album, but other than a cover of Sleigh Ride, it's not standard holiday tunes.
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Tasteebros. Christmas music played on the trumpet so absurdly stratospheric your pores will bleed.

Not pretty, but Xmas, trumpet, and screaming. I suggest Noel.
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The Ultra-Lounge Album, Christmas Cocktails, has several songs like that:
Christmas Trumpets by Ray Anthony
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer Mambo by Billy May
Cha-Cha All The Way
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Kenton's Christmas

Still conventionally unavailable, but no doubt findable through *other* channels. IDK if Maynard Ferguson plays on this record (he came up in Kenton's band), but it is a smokin christmas album.
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Oops! I was looking under the wrong name!

From the creative world of Stan Kenton comes...A Merry Christmas
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Seconding Brian Setzer.
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Well, since that is Wayne Bergeron you're digging so much, let me recommend his Christmas Album: Music and Mistletoe (bottom of the page)

It's not his typical "Holy crap, that was just ridiculous" high stuff, but there are some really good charts on there.

Moving only slightly away from that album, you will probably also like the end tracks of "Bah, Humduck" - only available through iTunes as the Big Phat Stocking Stuffer (Feel free to check out the entire "Bah Humduck album through Amazon or whatever, but you'll get a lot of cartoon music that way.)

Anyway, those four tunes are Gordon Goodwin charts, with Wayne on lead (thus only slightly away from his solo album) and they really swing. I'm particularly fond of "God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen."

Besides these and the suggestions already made, I'm afraid I haven't found a lot of great screaming trumpet, hard swinging Christmas music. Those Kenton charts are a real pain to play, but the recordings are pretty great.

There is a Maynard Ferguson and Big Bop Nouveau Chrismas Medley available on iTunes that is pretty good, and Doc Severinsen has a Christmas album, but it's pretty hit and miss for my tastes.

One more: Nicholas Payton did a recording of Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer on a compilation album called "Jazz for Joy." If you can find that on iTunes, it's worth having too.
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