Wedding dress alterations in Vancouver?
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Vancouver Filter: Does anyone know of a good dressmaker/seamstress who is experienced with altering wedding dresses, is not too expensive, and can work FAST? Also, are there any Mefite dressmakers or seamstresses anywhere who could give me an idea of how much these alterations should cost?

After a number of wedding dress debacles, I've pinned my last hopes on a dress that should be arriving any day now by mail.

It is the White House Black Market Audrey Bridal Gown. As you can see, it is silk taffeta in a mermaid style. The dress zips up one side with small working buttons that do up over the zipper.

I am praying that it will fit as is, and that I will only need to have it hemmed. But there is a good chance that I will need it taken in around the hips.

So my questions are:

1) Can anyone recommend a skilled and reliable dressmaker or seamstress in the Vancouver area, who is experienced with bridal gowns, and who could do these alterations in less than a week?

2) How much might be taken in at the hips before the zipper and buttons will have to be taken out and moved?

3) How much is it to have a relatively simple wedding dress hemmed?

4) Is there anything else I should know? Am I screwed?
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I can't help you with the Vancouver part, but the smallish bridal shop in Toronto where I got my dress has told me that to hem my dress will be about $100 and to take it in at the sides (it's a corset) will be another $100. I think lots of other shops would charge way more than this for alterations. As for timing, I think someone could get it done that quickly, but you may have to pay more for the rush job.

It's a beautiful dress! All the best!
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