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what does this mean - its a flight from ewr (newark) to pek (beijing). I'lll be taking this flight in a few weeks and want to know where I"m going. GREKI V419 JUDDS CAM PLB YUL 5000N 07400W 5500N 07200W YAS 6500N 06800W 7000N 06500W 7500N 06200W 8000N 05600W 8500N 04300W ABERI B934 BINTA B934 UNILA OKONI UREPA B934 SERNA M520 POLHO G218 TMR B458 TZH A596 KM OB
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SkyVector says this.

(Googled for "flight vector decoder.")
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Can you give a bit more context? Where did this come from from?
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Five letter codes -- GREKI, JUDDS, etc are waypoints.
Three letter codes -- CAM, PLB, YUL, etc are navaid beacons (VORs, etc)
Two-letter codes -- KM, OB, etc are probably low-frequency navaid beacons (NDBs, etc)
Letter-number codes - B934, A596, etc are airways
6500N 06800W, etc -- these are lat/long coordinates (programmed into the plane's flight management system for overwater routes)

Most of the airways codes and navaid beacons are published according to ICAO convention in each country's Aeronautical Information Publication. In the US you can go to sites like airnav.com and skyvector.com to find where they are. Internationally there really is no source I know of that consolidates them except Jeppesen and NGA (military).... the best place to construct it is at NGA here.

Sorry my response is a bit rushed but I hope that helps.
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Another map.
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Can you give a bit more context? Where did this come from from?

That's undoubtedly planned navigational route data from an electronically filed flight plan, probably from FlightAware or some other such source.
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Though that seems to stop after YUL... haven't really played around with it, maybe adding them one-by-one will work.
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wow, thanks disillusioned. I've never seen that site!
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And another.
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Here's the flight on FlightAware. Looks like you'll be going to be pretty close to the North Pole!
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Keep in mind that the planned route may change depending on weather, either to avoid storms or to follow/avoid in-flight winds. The North Atlantic Tracks change regularly, but I believe the pacific routes are generally more fixed.
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PLB is Clinton County Airport
YUL is Trudeau International in Montreal
YAS is Kangirsuk Airport, near Kangirsuk, QC
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With Google Maps, you can get just beyond Greenland.
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