A new gaming laptop - ROG Over and Out?
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Help me spend my money - I need a new gaming-capable laptop...

My current machine is a nice ASUS Republic of Gamers G50-X1 - 15.6" screen, fast, independent graphics (GeForce 9800M GS) but too low a resolution screen (1366x768) and maybe a little on the heavy side (7.5lbs).

So, I need a new one. I've been looking around, comparing mass-produced and custom-builds. I've not heard of half of the manufacturers I've managed to locate via magazine ads and Google search, so I was looking for advice and any anecdata about dealing with some of these smaller custom-build companies.

So, my actual question: I'm looking for suggestions for a new laptop. My requirements are:
1080p Screen Resolution
Core i7 CPU
"Decent" independent graphics chipset (I've been using this for reference)
15-16" screen
Less than 7.5lbs weight with battery

Budget: $1600

My current favourite pick is the direct replacement for my current one, the ASUS GX51-X1, for $1175 but the GPU is only mid-range - nVidia GTS360M. Other options are available with nVidia GTX460M chips like the Sager NP8690 for $1509, iBuyPower W860CU for $1564 or Eurocom W860 Cougar for $1368.

Dell do an XPS15, which is nice and light at 6.5lbs, but lacking in graphics power with just a GTS435M available.

While the specs are decent, I'm not a huge fan of the styling of the new ASUS G53 series, either.

I also looked at Alienware and OriginPC machines, but they're $1800+.

ASUS I'm happy with, build-quality etc wise. I'd not heard of Eurocom, iBuyPower or Sager until I started looking - any opinions?
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Get over the styling of the G53 series from Asus. My friend has one and it screams. My nephew has this one, and he raves about it.
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AnandTech recommends the ASUS G73 series.
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The Asus is the one you want.
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Might have better luck asking this over on MFC, but the only thing I found on newegg that matched was this Lenovo.

It's got the weight(6lbs), resolution, processor, and RAM, and an NVIDIA Quadro FX 880M, but it's kinda light on HD space and is a couple bucks over budget.
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If I were you, I'd try to get over the looks on the G53.

They really hit a home run on the current G-series. I think it's either that, or a custom job. I wish I could give you more help on the custom front, but I bought myself a G73. It's excellent.
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