Late-evening dinner place between EWR and Parisppany.
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I'm looking for a good place for a late-evening dinner between Newark airport (EWR) and Parsippany. I'm flying into EWR from the west coast this Thursday and my flight lands at 8. By the time I get into my rental car for the drive to Parsippany, it's probably about 9:00. If I were to go directly to my hotel, I'd probably check in and be in my room a little before 10, when a lot of restaurants close.

This trip I made sure I'm not staying a hotel located in an office park (where a lot of the Parisippany hotels seem to be). There's at least a Wendy's and a McDonald's within a mile or so.

I wondered, though, if I'd be passing by anyplace cool en route from the airport to the hotel. I'm probably not up for a fancy sit down meal by myself after a long flight.

But any suggestions for anything along the way, or in Parisppany even, some place still serving at 9, would be great.

I understand there are some good restaurants in Newark; I have some hesitation based on a sense that it's not so safe (I have no knowledge of Newark, just a nervousness) - please correct me, and also knowing that I'll want to "get on the road" with the rental car, even if that means stopping again 10 minutes down the road. But I'd be curious what people had to say.
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In Newark the big thing would be the Portuguese restaurants in the Ironbound section. This part of Newark is not that bad, although since you are going to be by yourself you should probably call ahead and find out about parking and how close it is. I think Casa Vasca has a lot essentially next door and some of these places may have valet parking.

"Casa Vasca" 141 Elm St., Newark (973) 465-1350 - one of the best.

"Spain" 419 Market St., Newark (973) 344-0994
"Don Pepe" 844 McCarter, Newark (973)808-5533
"Iberia" (973) 344-5611 and 344-7603 (two places)

In Parsippany there is Ruth's Chris Steakhouse at the Hilton (973) 889-1400.

These are all sit down places, sorry. I bet your hotel has a restaurant that is open later than 10; you should call.
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For questions like this, I always go straight to Chowhound. In this case, there are plenty of suggestions.
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Response by poster: I also posted on Chowhound, although someone there said I should sign and post on eGullet. But eGullet makes you jump through serious hoops (an essay about the journey you are about to take together? Puhleeze) in order to be "approved" so submit a question. Yuck. Disclose private contact information so they can verify you and then write an essay? Nuh-uh.
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I would probably go to a good old-fashioned NJ diner if I were in your situation.
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I used to live in Parsippany

Not sure what your diet is like, but I love this place:

Veggie Heaven
1119 US Highway 46
Parsippany, NJ

Basically they simulate all kinds of chinese meat dishes by using tofu. If you're a vegetarian, or even just have veggie tendencies, you'll like it. If you're a steak/fast food type person, you'll probably hate it.

It's in a strip mall with CompUSA on 46 West Bound.

If you stop there first before you go to your hotel you might catch them before they close.
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