Old Doris Zine Issues?
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Does anyone have issues of the punk 'zine "Doris" #1-6 or #9 that they would be willing to look through for a quote for me?

I'm writing a paper and would like to include a quote from an old issue where she talks about punk and what it means to her. Something about metal in skin. I think the illustration is of a girl sitting down on the sidewalk, with lots of piercings and tatoos and probably a mohawk. It's not in any of the ones I have and I think it's from way back so I'm guessing it's in issues 1-6 or issue number 9. I'd appreciate it if anyone who can find this could just write down the article verbatim. It's not very long. I need it today or I'd buy the Anthology.
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If you can't get anyone else to respond to this, you might want to try to contact the Chicago Great Lakes Underground Press Collection at DePaul University Library [2350 North Kenmore Chicago, IL 60614] or see if you can call anyone at any of these other zine libraries.
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I think my sister has most of the old issues. I'll e-mail her and cc you.
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