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I've fallen in love with Daft Punk's Discovery, and I know nothing about electronica, techno, etc - help me find more awesome stuff like this!

I've been pretty anti techno most of my life - always been a rock/blues/jazz etc guy, but a friend recently gave me a copy of Daft Punk's Discovery and I liked it. A lot. Like, it's been in my car cd player for a month.

Now I'm not anti electronic/synthy music at all, loves me some Devo, Kraftwerk, Ratatat, Beta Band, etc, but I've always been annoyed by the techno/raver culture, the "UNF UNF UNF" beats, etc...

This stuff though, I like. Does this mean I like house music? Progressive electronica? I just don't know what to look for more of! People who know about this genre I have unfairly shunned for far too long, set me straight on the righteous path to awesome synthy goodness!

If it's helpful, I like tracks like Aerodynamic and Harder, Better, Faster, Stronger more, and more repetitive, UNFy techno-y sounding tracks like High Life less.
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Mylo is quite close in spirit and tone to Daft Punk.
You might also like:
Etienne De Crecy
Lemon Jelly
Harlem Zip Code
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A sample of a Mylo track which reminds me of DP, from his album Destroy Rock & Roll.
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i too am just getting into house and techno...a few albums you might want to check out:

dj pierre--a little more unf unf but still good
herbert--around the house is a fantastic album, a little more left-field and less pop oriented
lindstrom and prins thomas--space-disco goodness

good luck!
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I just started geting into electronica as well, I have fallen in love with BT's album "This Binary Universe", it is very unique electronica, you can get it on iTunes. Also check out the London group "Above & Beyond"
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Response by poster: Thanks for all your suggestions so far Kraftmatic - I'll check em out! Also, I realized one of the things I like a lot about the DP album is the fairly frequent use of guitars and/or guitar sounding synths...
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You might like Basement Jaxx - its pretty accessible, disco-ey house.
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if you dig discovery, make sure you check out the movie interstella 5555....
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try again...
interstella 5555
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I often find exploring the related and connected artists at the allmusic guide a good way to get into new areas of music.
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I think you might like MSTRKRFT. There are previews on their MySpace page and on Amazon.

Also check out artists similar to Daft Punk and MSTRKRFT on last.fm, especially The Rapture (more rockish than electronic, but still similar in their fondness of quirky, dance-friendly music), Basement Jaxx, and The Chemical Brothers.
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I'm not particularly into techno at all, but the same CD got me into a lot of other bands. The only other electronica on my list is Phoenix, Air, Blue States, Boards of Canada and Massive Attack.

I'm going to second Allmusicguide because that's exactly the route I took to finding these other bands.
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I second looking through AllMusic's "related artists". This thread has already sent me off looking for some new tunes. Some of my favorite albums along these lines:

Le Funk by VHS or Beta. Similarly guitar-heavy and disco-influenced.
Most Fila Brazillia albums, especially this one.
In Between by Jazzanova
She's in Control by Chromeo for over the top '80s-style synthiness.
Mishaps Happening by Quantic (not so heavy on the vocoders, but plenty funky)
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I second Boards of Canada and Air (another French band), as well as:

Stardust (The Music Sounds Better with You)
Deep Dish
Hernan Cattaneo!!!!!
Josh Wink
Les Rythmes Digitales
The Paris Is Sleeping: Respect Is Burning series
The French Touch
The Orb

Definitely check out Sasha's Involver

Right NOW!!!!!!!
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I also like Daft Punk's Discovery album (and Homework, but their latest Human After All was a big departure). Might I recommend some other Filter house, especially anything by Daft Punk co-founder Thomas Bangalter.

Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You
Thomas Bangalter - Colossus
Together - So Much Love To Give
Cosmos - Take Me With You
Sebastien Leger - We Are
Alan Braxe - Vertigo
The Ones - Flawless
Dave Armstrong - Make Your Move

Some of it may be too techno-y for your liking, but the genre really runs the gamut. I believe Madonna's most recent album, Confessions on a Dance Floor, uses some filtered vocals.
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It sounds to me like you're probably looking for electronic artists who transcend the rave culture to connect with wider musical ideas. Here are some I'm in to:

Allien & Apparat
Amon Tobin
Death in Vegas
Juno Reactor
Crystal Method
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If you want to hear samples of the tracks I listed, visit the Electronic Dance Music guide (swf), click on "House", then "French", and have at it.
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Oh yeah, read Urb Magazine for the latest reviews:

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Response by poster: This is great stuff! Thank you all! As an aside - I freakin' love RATATAT - any suggestions on that one, as far as similar artists?
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Also, very much in the french/disco house vein, check out the stuff from Lindstrom & Prins Thomas. Mellower than the 'punk, but oh so smooth.
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Response by poster: Well, so far, I HATE basement jaxx, and find boards of canada interesting, but a bit too slow moving and morose...
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Oh, I almost forgot, you need to get the Respect is Burning compilation for a good sampler of the french house in its heyday.
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Response by poster: Have I mentioned that I freaking love Mefites, and bittorrent er, uh, the record store...
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More French House/ French Touch stuff.
Cosmo Vitelli
the Crydamoure Presents Waves compilations
Le Knight Club (one of the guys in Daft Punk is a member)
Alex Gopher
Alan Braxe (try the wonderful The Upper Cuts compilation- includes his work with Thomas Bangalter of Daft Punk as Stardust)
Bob Sinclar (a lot of his stuff is painfully cheesy, but there's some good stuff too)
Etienne de Crecy seconded (try his Superdiscount stuff also)
There are a lot of good French Touch compilations- do some sifting around on Amazon. I'd recommend My House in Montmartre for starters.

Do some looking around on discogs- a lot of
these guys work together in different groups under different names.

Second Mylo and Les Rythmes Digitales. LRD isn't French- he's an Englishman named Stuart Price who does work under a lot of different names and nearly all of it is good to fantastic.

Also, it might be worth your while to start exploring disco and proto-disco-type stuff- you'll find it's a big inspiration for a lot of these guys. You'll find Daft Punk samples this stuff regularly.

On preview: yes, Respect is Burning, definitely!
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Response by poster: Update: Amon Tobin is cool, in a jazzy, slightly weird, low key, want to get stoned and chill on the couch way...

WAY FUCKING DOWN with the Lindstrom and Prins Thomas so far...
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Specific albums that I, a music lover with no special affection for electronica, have really really really enjoyed:

Melody AM, Royksopp
Rooty, Basement Jaxx
Talkie Walkie, Air
Deadringer, RJD2
Since I Left You, the Avalanches

I recommend these because they have a decidedly electronic sound, but are still appealing on a melodic level- that's what I enjoyed about Discovery, and I get the sense that's what you're after.
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I second RJD2 and the Avalanches.
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A great place to begin with Massive Attack is the song "Unfinished Sympathy."
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MonkeyMeat is dead on. Great electronica sound without being to heavy and drifting away from a melody.
I like:
The Postal Service
a little different from the other suggestions, but I think you'll like these too.
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it's free, and it's a great way to find stuff that sounds like stuff.
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I am listening to Roysopp's Night Out now for the first time. You might want to check this out. It's a torrent if you happen to buy it and need a backup.

Also want to second Lemon Jelly and Tosca.

These threads are awesome. Always nice to find new music-
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VNV Nation - Matter and Form, especially Chrome
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United State of Electronica. Their album and show has the feel of a live band version of Discovery.
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Early µ-ziq and most Aphex Twin/AFX/etc stuff is about the best, in my opinion. Electronica went through a really good period in the late 90s and now it's not quite as fresh. There's some electronic influence on pop but not as many original ideas coming out of

I'd pick up Tango'n'Vectif by µ-ziq (that's the symbol for mu if the character doesn't show up) and I Care Because You Do by Aphex Twin. Ah, too many to list.

Some others:
Bogdan Raczynski
Global Goon
Bodenständig 2000
Bochum Welt

And that sort of thing. Lots of newer stuff mentioned on this thread I would consider more "pop": A very good thing in my book but a little different than pure electronic music.

But, in that pop vein, I really like Caribou (aka Manitoba). Most of the other stuff listed is quite good but electronic music really does require some digging.

If you ever find a compilation from about 1989 or so called "This is the New Beat", get it. Great Acid House. Oh yeah, the complete 808 State is worth a listen.
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As much as I like the artists yesno mentioned, they're quite far removed from Daft Punk.

I'd go back to Armage's recommendations- they're spot on for similar stuff to Daft Punk.
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Well, so far, I HATE basement jaxx

Everybody hates Basement Jaxx.

Check out Jackson and His Computer Band, Herbert's Scale, and Linus Loves.
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Don't forget "See you in the morning" (Mint Royale) and "Airdrawndagger" (Sasha).

Also check out http://www.last.fm for some great recommendations.
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Maybe give the song "A Dream" by Cut Copy a try (off of Bright Like Neon Love). Sounds a bit like "Aerodynamic" and "One More Time".

I second Pandora.com if you want to get some suggestions with minimal input. I like to have it playing in the background while I work, and when I song I like comes up I bookmark it for later investigation.
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Nobody's mentioned Fischerspooner yet! I'd second Cut Copy, and also highly recommend Hot Chip. They're fairly different, but if you like Daft Punk then give them a try...
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I second Sasha - especially his albums Involver and Airdrawndagger. They are brilliant!
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I'm not 100% sure they fall into the same category, but I've really been digging LCD Soundsystem - and I'm in the same boat as you - I don't really know much about electronica, but like Daft Punk. I've heard LCD Soundsystem described as Underworld meets The Fall, and it's a fairly accurate description for some tracks. The first track on the album is entitled "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House", if you need further incentive.
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Maybe Jamiroquai? Also seconding the Avalanches.
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Response by poster: Involver is HOT.
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Alan Braxe & Friends - The Upper Cuts [Stylusmagazine.com]

Alan Braxe was half of Stardust, alongside Daft Punk’s Thomas Bangalter. Stardust, of course, gave us 1998’s “Music Sounds Better With You,” which may well be the greatest single of all time. That alone would be enough to give Braxe godlike genius status, but that was where he was just getting started. The new compilation The Upper Cuts (available as an import on Play It Again Sam) compiles singles Braxe has released under a variety of guises over the past 8 years, including as a solo artist (his first single, “Vertigo”), in collaboration with Fred Falke (the most frequent peanut butter to Braxe’s jelly), as half of The Paradise (“In Love With You,” made with Romauld), under the alias Rec (“Link’n’Rings”), and as half of Stardust, along with his famous remix of Shakedown’s “At Night.” And you know what? There’s barely a pleasureless moment to be found here.
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