Clothing repair in the UK that replaces Jeans rivets
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Looking for somewhere in the UK that would be able to replace missing rivets on jeans.

I have a pair of jeans that I really like, however one of the rivets has popped off (and I only have half of the rivet left). I was wondering if anyone knew of a clothing repair place that would be able to replace the rivet. Anywhere in the UK is fine, assuming they'll accept the jeans by post, and I live near enough to London for me to easily make the trip.

Any suggestions gratefully received!
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I would imagine almost anywhere that professes to mend/alter clothes, and apologise if you have tried and not found this to be the case - in that case, explain where you have asked so far. You can even just buy a tool to put rivets on in shops that sell sewing supplies, along with rivets (I know little about sewing, but I have seen them in such places when looking for basic things like black thread!).

The only question will be trying to match the rivet you have, or finding one that looks similar enough. Or I suppose if you really want them all to match, you could remove all and replace with a new set.
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The Denim Doctor.
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Response by poster: Many thanks for the suggestions, but I've found a lot of places don't tend to do rivets, I've also tried the Denim Doctor and he doesn't really do rivets. I was hoping to find somewhere that might specialise a bit as then they will have the tools and a selection of rivets. (I don't mind if they don't match, but I guess they will have to be a similar size).
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A leather repair shop, perhaps?
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