I love this artist! If only I knew who it was...
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Artist trivia time! I love this painting! Does anyone know who the artist is? It's a painting with a sculpture of similarly-shaped heads next to it...but I just saw it randomly online and haven't the first clue of who it might be. Has anyone seen anything like it before? (other than on Easter Island)
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Is that a straight-on view of the painting itself, or is it taken from a fairly sharp angle? IOW is the painting itself the red part, with some black on the sides, and it's actually a straight-on depiction of the head?
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I just saw it randomly online

What site?
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Are you're talking about the face on the wall? The smaller versions taped up next to it look like rough drafts, indicating to me that this was probably the product of a student taking an art class.
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Has anyone seen anything like it before? (other than on Easter Island)

Using very simplified, so-called "primitive" forms (i.e., forms based on tribal/native art, particularly sculpture) was a major theme in the development of modern art as a whole, starting with Gauguin in the 19th century but really not gaining traction till the early 20th century via Picasso, Braque, Matisse, Modigliani, and others. "Primitive" art thus was a major influence on the development of whole modernist movements (including cubism, German expressionism, and fauvism), which in turn continue to influence many contemporary artists.

Which is all a bit of a roundabout way of saying I don't immediately recognize the artist of the work you've linked to -- it would be helpful to get more information/context as mentioned already -- but if you really like the style, there's a whole world of art you might enjoy exploring! (This article -- written in response to a 1984 Museum of Modern Art exhibition -- might be interesting/useful to you, though I wish it was illustrated.)
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Response by poster: Thanks for the ideas, yes it's an angled view but I can't find the site I saw it on anymore...
It's definitely a finished piece by a working artist (rather than a student), but no more information than that...any other ideas?
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