What's the classical equivalent of electroswing?
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It's been a while since the hive mind has recommended music that blends classical with contemporary sounds. I'm looking for whatever is to classical what electro-swing is to jazz. Techno is too cheesy. William Orbit is too chillout. Wendy Carlos is too frenetic and ancient. A Touch Of Beethoven is too disco. Waltz Darling by Malcolm McLaren is too 80s pop. Is there anything since the posts in 2008 that blends orchestra with beats in a way that might work on a dancefloor today?
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Talvekoidik and Kattoo are two that come to mind. I'd YouTube you some links, but my work firewall doesn't approve of that new-fangled 'video' stuff.
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Vanessa Daou?
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Craig Armstrong?
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Hector Zazou is a good one, and he's worked with Vanessa Daou (and Bjork).
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Some of Moby's music is heavy on string sections.
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You might like Sweetbox.
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Rob Dougan - most of his material is like this. Unfortunately (for us) he now runs a vineyard in France and hasn't released anything for a few years.
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Best answer: The best of this genre may yet to be done.

Not exactly answering the conditions, but if you are not afraid of a bit of retro-disco-cheese-factor, then there will always be the Hooked on Classics series.
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It may well be too 80's pop, but if you find anything better than McLaren's Death of Butterfly, lemme know.

I thought the soundtrack to Mr & Mrs Smith was pretty interesting.
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Andy Blueman

Wolfgang Gartner
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Best answer: Mason Bates
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Bell Orchestre?
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Deutsche Grammophon has a series called "ReComposed" that has well-selected contemporary electronic music producers (Carl Craig, Moritz Von Oswald, Jimi Tenor, Matthew Herbert) working with DG recordings. Here's a NY Times review. Might be worth checking out.
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There was also a cd of trance records played by an orchestra called Classical Trancelations.
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