On the Road Again. Woof.
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We are off to Lake Tahoe this weekend and we're bringing our dogs. Does the green have any tips or experience for the long drive (3 hours) or secret canine friendly haunts on the south shore? We thank you as do the puppies.
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It probably depends on how active your dogs are, my (lazy) dog is fine on really long car trips (12 hours). We pretty much just bring some blankets/dog beds from home for her to lay on in the car and make sure she gets some water and gets a chance to walk/pee/poop/whatever every time we stop. Warning: dogs may get excited in the car and drool all over everything.
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We've got one who gets carsick, so we give him Dramamine about 1/2 hour before we go. Also put a blanket on the seat just in case. We have "seat belts" for our two- They're harnesses that the seat belt hooks into. They can still move around in them, but are protected in case of an accident and I know they won't try to climb on the driver.
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Stuff kongs with brown rice and tuna or other nommy wet food, freeze in freezer. give to dogs when they get whiny.

Buys you an hour or two of silence.
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My dogs can be pretty highstrung, but it turns out they loooove car rides (because they wind up somewhere fun!) - they do shed a lot, so we cover anything they'll be sitting on. YMMV. They hated the harnesses and won the battle on that, but technically using the harnesses is the safest way for them to travel.

I find this is one of those times where if you're cool with it they will be. Just like if you are nervous/upset they can sense it.

I just bring a few treats for when I have to yell at them (they think it is more fun to ride in the front than the back. We disagree about this so I use treats when they stay back w/o being yelled at). Other than that, just let them out for a bathroom break and some water every couple/few hours. Easy peasy!
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If you make it to the north shore, head to north star. The cable ride is free, dogs are allowed and there is some lovely hiking. Alot of the beaches are dog friendly too, but not so much on the California side.
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For their safety, dogs go in crates when traveling. If they're crate-trained, this has the bonus of calming them, since it's like bringing their house with them.
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My lab mix doesn't enjoy car rides (not even if the window is down) but she loves to ride in the back of the truck (it has a camper shell). The longest ride she's been on was six hours and she did okay. Slept most of the time in the back seat of my Honda. We stopped once halfway for water and a walk. If I take her somewhere in my car again I will probably give her Dramamine because I think it's car sickness.

Also a great (and minimally stinky) Kong/hollow bone filler is thick oatmeal made with beef broth mixed with peanut butter. That keeps my dog busy for HOURS. Even longer if it's frozen.
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Response by poster: Great tips ! Thanks !
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