Chevy Tahoe Maintance
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ChevyTahoeFilter: I just passed 100k miles on my 01 chevy tahoe. There are various little issues like alignment, some wierd noises, belts need to be replaced, brakes, etc.. I never got the 90k mile checkup and it goes without saying that i havent got the 100 mile checkup either. Where do you recommend i take my vehicle to have this done? I can go to the dealership but im paying a huge premium there, do you recommend any other places that do these checkups? FYI....Im in the Dallas Tx area, specifically north Dallas.
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I've never used it, but the Car Talk guys have a database of mechanics recommended by their listeners. If word-of-mouth doesn't shake someone loose, you might hit their site to see who's around.
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Response by poster: I should also say that i dont mind taking it to the dealership if that where i will get the best service on my vehicle.
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Rallye Auto Service in Richardson. Talk to Scott.
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FWIW, a lot of dealerships have adjusted their shop rates down to better compete with the independent shops.
At 90-100k miles, there's probably quite a few things that should be serviced. Probably plugs. Possibly the timing belt. Maybe coolant replacement.
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I agree with Thorzdad, that you might be surprised how hungry Mr. Goodwrench is, these lean days. Call around to a few remaining Chevy dealers, and price shop for your 90K, 97.5K and 100K services. Be prepared to refuse some attractive trade-in offers, if you want to keep the vehicle. Do have wearing rubber parts like engine accessory belt and cooling system hoses checked/changed, too, along with other recommended 90K, 97.5K and 100K items. Download .pdf version of Owner's Manual, with recommend service schedule, here.
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Dealers are going to hit you pretty hard. I'd look for an independent mech. The bread and butter for Dealer Service Shops is warranty work because they get paid back by the factory, and they pick up residual dollars for non-warranty things they find along the way.

The Auto Shop in Plano (Jupiter and 18th, I believe) has a very good reputation and can work on GM stuff. There's also Green Automotive in Richardson (Custer/Arapaho) who has a very good reputation as a fair mech.

Do some searching around on some local community sites like Yelp or something...they might give you some other options.
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