Dog-friendly outdoor destinations in the Upper Midwest
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Seeking suggestions for dog-friendly camping and hiking in the Upper Midwest -- Minnesota, Wisconsin, and the Upper Peninsula.

I'm planning a one or two week trip through the Upper Midwest later this month: Self plus dog plus van. Mostly front-country camping, hiking, trail running, and maybe a little bit of backpacking. I spent April in the four corners states and was somewhat restricted by dog policies in national parks. Open to the idea of meeting with area Mefites if the opportunity presents itself.
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Every campsite I've been to in North Dakota and Minnesota, almost everyone brings a dog.
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You're good at most state park camps in Wisconsin and Michigan, although you'll have to stay off the beach. Check out Governor Dodge (southwestern WI) and the Porcupine Mountains (western UP), they're both especially nice.

Devil's Lake in south-central WI is another fine state park, but I believe there are some areas where dogs aren't allowed.
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First, welcome to God's Country. Second, the parks in MN are very welcoming to dogs. My wife and I camped through the Pacific Northwest years ago and had to kennel our dog at several points. We have never had the same issue in Minnesota parks. There are many great state parks here with cheap camping rates and dog friendliness. Look here for info on specific parks. I'd really recommend the Grand Marais area for good summer camping, scenery, and uniqueness.

If you get anywhere near the Twin Cities (especially the SW side) I'd love to meet up and grab a lunch or drink or whatever. Send me a MeMail if you'd like to.
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The Apostle Islands are one of the Midwest's great secrets. The islands are remote and offer great hiking and outdoor opportunities.

Dogs allowed, but must be kept on a leash.
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Response by poster: Thanks for the answers! They're very much appreciated. Some of these places are parks that are already on a rough draft travel plan, so it's nice to get the Mefi seal of approval. And the other suggestions have piqued my interest. Poring over maps to find routes that incorporate as many of these places as possible.
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