Dog-Friendly Getaway Spots Near Chicago
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Do you know of any dog-friendly places for a weekend getaway within about 3 hours drive of Chicago?

We need to get outta town for a long weekend and we'd like to bring our dog. We do not want to camp. We'd like to be near a lake (doesn't have to be a big one) and ideally something on the quiet side (so not the Dells or Indiana Beach). I've looked at some past threads of places to getaway in Illinois, Indiana, Michigan and Wisconsin, but I didn't find anything specifically about a pet friendly place. Help us relax and unwind with our pooch!
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If you want to be by a lake and not camp, you might check out ohio state parks -- they have cabins. In particular, East Fork State Park has some -- it's more like 4.5 hours from you, though. This site has more information.

For what it's worth, all Red Roof Inns, and most Westin's, allow dogs.
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Search for pet-friendly cabins/cottages.

Door County is about 4 hours from Chicago. We stayed at a dog-friendly motel there, if that's of interest to you let me know and I'll try and dig up the name. It was in or near Ellison Bay.
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Shoot.. I just watched a show on the best dog parks, and there was this place about an hour or so out of Chicago that had lodging for people + pet, plus all sorts of activities for the dog. I don't know if it's still on the tivo, but let me think about it..
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We were at a great place near Iron River Wisconsin last year, but that's 10 mi from the south shore of Lake Superior = close to an 8 hour drive for you.
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