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If you were going to check into a hotel primarily to have sex with the person you check in with, what hotel would it be? Specific hotel recommendations, general type preferences, and tips for successful sexy hotel stays welcome.

Most of the hotels I've stayed in have been chosen for location or budgetary reasons. I'm not particularly turned on by the frilly B&Bs, generic motels, or gross hostels I've stayed in. I'm also not interested in overtly sex-themed establishments. However, I've had some nice hotel sex recently, and suspect there are a lot of hotels in the world that lend themselves to that kind of vacation. What's the sexiest hotel you've ever stayed in or dreamed of staying in? (Feel free to try to convince me of the merits of sex-themed hotels or frilly B&Bs.)

My specifics: I'm half of a monogamous heterosexual couple in our late 20s in the USA Pacific Northwest, but we like to travel. Out budget is pretty low-end but we can occasionally splurge on something mid-range, and high-end suggestions will give us something to aspire to.
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Vegas. So much roleplay possilble. MGM Grand specifically. If you really want to splurge, try their SkyLofts.
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I guess I would stay in a big anonymous hotel where my *ahem* comings and goings would be unlikely to be noticed.
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The Ace Hotel in Belltown is a modern, hip (in a good way) getaway right in the middle of everything. It's clientele is younger, and it's mid-priced. As you probably know, there's a lot of nightlife and great restaurants right there (ex. El Gaucho), so you can put an exclamation point on your fun evening out with a fun evening in.

The W Hotel is a similar situation, but a little more removed from the nightlife...well, the Belltown nightlife anyway.

Have fun.
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I'd stay in a resort where they have private cabins or cottages. You can make much more noise than you can in a hotel with adjoining walls. We stayed at this resort on the Pacific Coast on our honeymoon, and while not the most luxurious place, it had a fireplace, sauna, and whirlpool. Most importantly, it had a kitchen, so we could wine & dine without interrupting the sexytime. Disadvantage: driving 30 miles to find condoms.
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The Hard Rock in Vegas. It's not particularly classy, but it's not a gross sex-themed swinger's palace, either. They have a lingerie shop in the lobby, the rooms are comfortable but playful and sexy, and the "do not disturb" signs say "tied up".
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The Ace Hotel is very nice and the place I recommend to friends and family most often, but I believe that most of the rooms are without a bathroom, which I would consider a necessity if I were there primarily for sex. The sexiest hotel I know of in Seattle is the Sorrento, based totally on their bar. Checking their prices though, it would definitely be a splurge, unless your definition of 'low-end' varies drastically from mine.
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Perhaps The Standard, NYC.
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The St. Regis in San Francisco - for their deep soaking tub-particularly if you get the right room, where there is a pullback door that lets you see the amazing view from while relaxing in said tub.

Hotel Frank in San Francisco: I just think their rooms are kind of kick-ass.
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Or so I've...er...heard. They are kinda hokey, but hokey can be sexy too, right?
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The W was immediately what came to mind. Not cheap, though.
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Sybaris. There is nothing hokey about having a pool IN your room.
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I have stayed at the Standard in NY and yeah, I'd definitely second iviken's recommendation.
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The Four Seasons in Chicago. It's in Chicago, but I didn't want to leave the place. The Fairmont is Mont Tremblant. Generally, pretty much any Four Seasons or Fairmont will do. Both chain's websites have great deals occasionally.
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I've stayed at the Madonna Inn in San Luis Obispo. I know you said you weren't into themes, but uh, give a theme a chance... trust me.

I also think most upscale boutique hotels in major cities are good for this. Fewer kids running around, hot tub, and I think ones that come with nice bars (preferably roof bars) are ideal.

Also the Mayflower in DC is famous for it's sexy good (and not always legal, but none the less upscale) times.
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I went with my family, but I thought that the Scottsdale Fairmont hotel was a pretty good one. Pool space and nice outdoor areas for when you need a break from staying in!
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