Hotel Recommendation in Orlando, Florida
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Looking for a hotel recommendation in Orlando in a couple of weeks. Suggestions?

Greetings all,

I will be traveling to Florida for work in a couple of weeks. I need to spend one week on the Gulf Coast, but I will be driving to Orlando myself afterwards. I am going to spend two days in Orlando before I fly home (weekend of the 20th & 21st).

Therefore, I am looking for a decent hotel recommendation in Orlando while I am there. Here is some of my criteria that might help:

- I am traveling on my own for these two days so I will be paying for this hotel stay out of my own pocket (so I need to be budget conscious).
- I am traveling myself (so I only need one room/one bed)
- I am only going to be going around Orlando to do some shopping, etc, so I don't need to be close to anything like Disney, Sea World, etc, as I won't be going to any of those. I will probably be around International Drive area in the day times.
- I will be only at the hotel in the evening, so I really only need it as a place to sleep (I won't require any 'resort' type stuff to do in the day at the hotel). A pool would be great, but I don't need a fitness center, or hotel bar, etc. A private patio in the room would be great for relaxing in the evening before I go to sleep.
- I am basically looking for something CLEAN, SAFE and affordable that will allow me to hang my head for a couple of nights and then drive to the Orlando airport.

Can this be had for a "reasonable price". I would prefer to pay under $150 per night, if possible...

Any suggestions/recommendations??

AND....what are the best websites to book hotels online for these deals??

Thanks in advance!
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Best answer: dbirchum: "what are the best websites to book hotels online for these deals??"

I like to find my hotel using Kayak or Orbitz or whatever and then go directly through the hotel website, or call their front desk to book (and ask the agent how to get the best rate). Booking directly through the hotel instead of via a third party is usually less expensive, but always comes with better cancellation options. And, if something is wrong with your stay, by booking directly then the hotel can do guest remediatation (i.e. full or partial refund), whereas if you booked through a third party then they really can't.
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I just got back from Orlando. Had a wonderful time at the Orange Lake Resort.

We originally had reservations at the Avanti (which I think is an awesome place for you) they're working to open the resort, so the price was $75 per night! Here is the Trip Advisor link, after reading the reviews, it wasn't what we were looking for, but I think it would be perfect for you.

The location is perfect, right on International Drive.
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Response by poster: Thanks I am the Walrus...

That is a good point. I once booked a hotel through Hotwire (which I didn't like as I didn't know what hotel I was going to be in until after I booked. I just knew what "area" I was in). And due to winter weather, our flight was bumped a couple of days and it was a hassle dealing to the third party seller.

I will try and deal with the hotels directly. Can you still get the same deals if you call them directly?
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There are two Orlando airports. Check carefully which one you need to be near!
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Response by poster: Solid point! I will be flying in and out of Orlando International Airport (MCO).
Thanks for the clarification point!
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Best answer: I have had success calling the hotel directly and saying, "I saw you have $XX price on [this website], can you beat it?" Usually they will match it at the least and sometimes even upgrade my room for the same deal price.
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Response by poster: Does it work the same way with the car rental companies. I have booked a car through Enterprise before through, but never thought on calling Enterprise directly to see if they can match that price.

Anyone have any luck with that?

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I book directly, after using Expedia or Travelocity to see who has the best price.

I always get the price quoted on the third party website.

Hotwire is different because they don't tell you who you're booking with.
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Best answer: The Husband really likes the Hilton DoubleTree on Ivanhoe Blvd. in Orlando, but ask for the non-train side, upper floor. Their rates really fluctuate depending on time off year and events around town. Clean and safe.
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MeMailed you.
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PorcineWithMe: ""I saw you have $XX price on [this website], can you beat it?""

This. And it should work with car rental companies too, really everyone. The third party resellers aren't losing money, so they got it for cheaper than the price they are offering. So really it is in the hotel or car rental to give it to match the price since it cuts out the middle man.

This info comes from a friend of mine that works at the Wyndham Grand here in Orlando. I'd recommend that hotel, but it may be above your budget. It's more than I'd be willing to pay if I was alone and just looking for sleeping quarters.
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