Quebec Debt and Credit Reporting Laws?
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I need references for laws in Quebec regarding debt collection and credit reporting.

More specifically, I am looking for the exact act outlining acceptable debt collection practices, the statute of limitations on outstanding debt, and laws on credit reporting (how long an unpaid debt can stay on a credit report).

For example, I know of the Ontario Consumer Reporting Act, which says under 9.3 (f) that credit reports cannot include debts older than 7 years (loose paraphrase); where and what is the equivalent for Quebec? How about the Limitations Act, establishing the statute of limitations on claims? The Collection Agencies Act?

Also, debt incurred in Ontario to an Ontario creditor, residence in Quebec. Which provincial statutes apply, Ontario's or Quebec's? If Ontario's, then I guess I have all the info I need, but what about Quebec?

I am not seeking advice, but rather references to the actual law. Thanks.
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For collection agencies. As for Credit report agencies, I think they are covered in this act
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Unless the relevant statutes include a choice of law provision (or there's one in a contract associated with the transaction), you kind of are seeking legal advice as to which province's law applies.
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