Where's a good place to have sex in Chicago?
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Does anybody know a decent place for a night of sex in the Chicagoland area? (NSFW)

My wife and I are looking for a place (not too expensive) for a night of sex. We looked at the Sybaris and it's a possibility but it is kind of pricey. We want a place that isn't too pricey, (relatively) soundproof and clean.
Any ideas or recommendations?
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The Sybaris has always kind of skeeved me out, frankly.

If you're talking hanging from the chandelier sex I can't help you, but there are plenty of nice, well crafted (as in not paper thin walls) hotels in the downtown area. I'm a HUGE fan of the Intercontinental on Michigan Avenue. Also the W City Center was a Men's Club and every time I've stayed there it's felt impossibly sexy and the rooms I've stayed in all had pretty good sound absorbency - but are far from sound proof. I can happily report that I've never received a single complaint or knock upon the door whilst staying at either.
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I've never been there but I have friends who swore by the Hickory West Inn in Hickory Hills for that purpose.
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I disagree with SisterHavana regarding Hickory Hills. It's not the best burb for sex unless you want skeeveyness (sorry used to live there). I would say possibly the Hilton of Oak Lawn (lower end), one of the hotels in Burr Ridge, Lombard, or Oakbrook if you can't afford downtown. But no hotel is soundproof.
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The Chicago Hilton on Michigan Avenue can be a good choice, if you get the right room. If you can somehow arrange a room with a lake/Grant Park view, you will only have one room with an adjacent wall, and that will be on the bathroom side. However, noise from the corridor can be an issue, if there are noisy people about.

If you don't mind a bit of a trek out to Bloomingdale, the Hilton Indian Lakes Resort is built in such a way that the rooms do not share any walls except for the bathroom. Extremely quiet.

I've stayed at both of these places more than once and can highly recommend them, although ::ahem:: only once for the purpose described in the op.
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I've heard through a friend of a friend that each Sybaris room has a closet full of bondage toys. How clean they are, I don't know. Also, I don't know if/how they disinfect the in-room hot tubs/waterslides. If that squicks you out, don't go.
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