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Awesome online kid's clothing name label merchant?

My son just started preschool and it hit me that with all the spare changes of clothing we leave there, I need to put his name in *everything.* Googling turns up eleventy-thousand label merchants, and it's hard to distinguish the good from the disappointing. (I've searched through the archives and the closest thing I've found was this, which worked out great for my dog, but now I need the equivalent for the clothing of a two-year old boy.)

Ideally I'd like something that you can either stick on or stick on and then iron on for more permanence. I'd also like to be able to get a variety of labels, some items I'll want to be able to put last name & phone number, others just first & last name.

Durability is also key.

Who makes the best labels out there?
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Pronto Labels!

Disclaimer: I know the awesome woman who runs this, but seriously, it's a great product.
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Best answer: mabel's labels
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I use iron-on mending tape and a Sharpie.
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Best answer: Mabel's Labels. There is no comparison.

I tried Label Daddy and pronto and they suck.
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Never had my clothes labelled, myself (that I remember), but friends whose clothing had been labelled by their parents just had their name written on the existing tag with a Sharpie...
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