Name that chillout tune!
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Can you help identify tracks/artists in this ambient-downtempo mix from the early 2000s? Samples inside!

The playlist for a favorite chillout mix has remained a mystery for the past eight or so years. Can you identify these tracks (excluding the two ID'd by YT's content ID system)?

'Canon Ambient Mix' (200?)
01. Triennale - Brian Eno
02. Track? - Artist?
03. Track? - Artist?
04. Track? - Artist?
05. Track? - Artist?
06. Track? - Artist?
07. Track? - Artist?
08. Track? - Artist?
09. Track? - Artist?
10. Track? - Artist?
11. Calling Aventura King - Kid Loco
12. Track? - Artist?

Thanks for the assist (psst...check the description of any sample for a gift of gratitude).
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Best answer: I believe Track 4 may be "No-One In The World (Edit)" by W.FO., off the Excursions in Ambience 2 compilation. Can't find an online source to confirm, though.
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Best answer: Track 9 is Corcovado:

Can't find the instrumental, though.
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Best answer: Soundhound returns the following for two of the outstanding IDs, but I haven't confirmed that they are correct:

06 - Steve Lawler - Distrait (Nick Curly and Gorge Remix)
10 - Jhno - Jung (on album titled "Kwno")
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Response by poster: Mystery solved! Can't thank the hive mind enough - much appreciated. I've already ordered tunes from many of these artists.

I'll keep the mix posted for a few weeks for anyone who wants to take a listen.

The final tally:

'Canon Ambient Mix' (200?)
01. Triennale - Brian Eno
02. Mind Design - The Connection Machine
03. Mya Yadana - Tranquility Bass
04. No-One In The World - W.F.O.
05. Throwing Down a Shape - Fila Brazilia
06. need to confirm -- thanks for the direction, nobodyyouknow
07. Heavy Intro - Amar
08. Harmon Loop Root - Black Star Liner
09. Corcovado (feat. Will Willkins, Ingeborg Schmich) [Colecat Remix]
10. Jhno - Jung
11. Calling Aventura King - Kid Loco
12. Past - Sub Sub
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