Pun introduced in translation?
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Is there a pun in Hamlet's first line in the movie Hamlet liikemaailmassa?

The scene takes place in a kitchen where someone is slicing ham; Hamlet comes up, takes over, and cuts a large piece off for himself. As he does so he says something which is rendered in the English subtitles thus: "Ham … let me!". The actual dialogue is given in Finnish, though. Is there a pun in the Finnish as well? What is it?
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I am having no luck finding the quote in Finnish online, but I think the answer to your question is certainly "yes." It just doesn't make sense that the translator would wantonly introduce an obvious pun. I hope someone can provide the original, though.
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I also can't find the Finnish online, unfortunately.

I certainly hope the answer is "yes" too, and so what I'm really interested in is an explanation of what the pun is. "Ham … let me!" is so compact.
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There's a few clips on YouTube but apparently not from that scene. Are you watching it from a DVD? Can you get an audio clip to me so I could transcribe it?
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Keijo, I'll see what I can do—I saw it in a theater, but I'm sure I can track down a dvd.
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I managed to get hold of the film! I've been thinking about this all day and just had to find out. Kaurismäki is a genius:

The words spoken by Hamlet in Finnish are "Kinkkua, anna minä." This means literally just "Ham, let me" and is not funny in any way in Finnish without the context. However, it is a brilliant pun introduced by Kaurismäki and not the translator, since most of the viewers will be familiar with the English translation.
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Fascinating! Thanks for tracking it down, and thanks to kenko for asking the question. I wonder if other writers have deliberately introduced things because they would make a good effect in translation?
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I wondered if widespread English-speaking in Finland would be the explanation!

Thanks keijo!
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