Awesome online dogtag recommendation?
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Recommendation for a tried and true online dog ID tag merchant?

So I've recently moved and need to update Coya's ID tag. There's precious little chance that she'll get out, but the peace of mind is worth the money to me.

However, she wears a total of 4 tags on her collar: ID tag, rabies vaccination, city license, and the rubbery microchip tag. Ideally, what I'd like is a thin stainless steel tag that has relatively deep engraving. I ordered a tag for her with our previous address on it and after a little bit of wear and tear, it became obvious that the engraving was a bit too shallow and had kind of worn away, making it difficult to read what was on there.

I prefer to have 5 lines available for customization (her name, my name, my phone number, street address, city-state-zip), although 4 is acceptable.

Does anyone have a remarkably badass recommendation?
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Can't recommend an online line store, but if you tape the tags together, there will be less wear on them.
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Best answer: I've used Boomerang Tags a couple of times, though I have not experimented with or noticed how well it resists the wear you describe.

However, I think you can fit five lines on their medium-large sizes, or maybe even six. You can also engrave the backs! Which I like because my husband and I have different last names and different phone numbers, so his number is on my dog's, in case I don't answer my phone, and vice versa.
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Best answer: Thirding Boomerang Tags -- in my case, for cats. I really like the flat (non-dangling) kind.
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Best answer: Well I guess you don't need anymore recs for Boomerang! I got a plastic one from them and it's not plasticky at all. It feels somehow like a natural material, it's super light, it doesn't make noise, and the engraving is really deep. Even in the smallest size I got three lines on the front and three on the back:

Dog's name
My first and last name
My cell
My husband's cell
Our work number
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Response by poster: Well, I'll be damned, Boomerang it is, I reckon. Thanks, AskMeFolks.
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