In OS X, How do I disable the Cmd-F1 display mirroring keyboard shortcut?
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In Mac OS X, how can I disable the Cmd-F1 keyboard shortcut?

I use a Macbook Pro, with an external monitor hooked up, and set to extend my display.

I keep accidentally hitting Cmd-F1 when I mean to hit Cmd-1. Cmd-F1 toggles display mirroring. All my windows are then moved into one desktop. When I toggle display mirroring again, everything is mostly fine, except all the windows that were on the other monitor are now all in one, so I have to reorganize everything.

This isn't really that big of a deal, it doesn't take long to organize everything again, but I am really surprised that there isn't an easy way to disable this. Googling has failed me. It seems like every other shortcut is editable/disable-able, except for this one.

Here are few caveats:

1) Please, don't recommend anything related to Spaces. I've tried it, and I can't stand it.

2) This only seems to happen when I am using Fireworks (which is a job requirement.) I've tried remapping the Cmd-1 key, but it never seems to take. I would also consider this problem solved if you can tell me how to successfully remap keyboard shortcuts in fireworks.

3) Is it possible to disable display-mirroring system wide? I can only imagine using it give a presentation, and I don't think that's something I'll ever do.
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Turn off the F keys as as "shortcut keys" -- it makes it so you have to press the function key to turn up the volume and stuff, but that never really bothered me.
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In your keyboard preferences, select "Use F1, F2, etc. as regular function keys." Now, you need to fat-finger Cmd-Fn-1 to mess up.
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Preferences -> Keyboard Shortcuts -> Application Shortcuts -> [ + ].

Application: [ All Applications ] (or Fireworks)
Menu Title: [ "Do Nothing" ]
Keyboard shortcut: (type command-f1)

I think this ought to work.

Thanks for asking this -- it made me get around to disabling command-escape to toggle Front Row which I never, ever, ever want.
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That setting would be under Apple | Preferences | Keyboard | Use F1, F2 etc. keys as standard function keys.
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xueexueg - unfortunately, this doesn't work. When I get to the "keyboard shortcut" part and press cmd-f1, it toggles the mirror display again. I turned off function keys, did it again, and turned them back on, but it still didn't work.

Using "standard function keys" solves the problem, but I don't really want to have to hit fn to access the volume, etc. buttons. I guess I'll have to evaluate which is the lesser of two evils, here.
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Rats. For the rearranging portion of the problem, there is also Stay ($15), which Daring Fireball mentioned the other day:
Stay ensures that your windows are always where you want them to be, even as you connect and disconnect displays.
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If you don't mind hitting fn to toggle mirror display, FunctionFlip lets you toggle the "use as standard function keys" setting individually for each of the fn keys.
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FunctionFlip works. Yay!

However, before I installed it and checked it out, I changed the shortcut key for "zoom 100%" to cmd-0 in Fireworks (which is more like photoshop anyway,) and it seems to be sticking.

For now. I don't trust fireworks at all.
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