Donde está the lesson plans?
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I'd like to teach my kids Spanish, so where can I find a set of lesson plans?

First off, let me say that my wife is a native Spanish speaker but she is not a teacher (as she often states) so I'm looking for a set of lesson plans for kids age 8 and 11 that will take them through a progression of exercises. I do have some education background but I don't have access to any material other than what might be available through the Internet. I'm not really concerned that it maps to any of the state curriculum guidelines. That said, I do have a number of teacher friends that may be able to help out if need be. I don't have a problem paying small subscription fees for access to pay sites but I don't want to spend lots of money for formal programs and teach-at-home programs.
My kids would like to learn, so motivation isn't a huge issue, but they also don't want to spend more than about an hour per week in the "classroom". Bonus points for a variety of media!
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Someone introduced me to the Japanese version of this one and I thought that one looked pretty good compared to other "free learn a new language" sites I've seen. Looks like there's a Spanish one too: You can see what's offered in the tour.
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Do you want your kids to be conversationally fluent, or to know proper spelling and conjugation? And what are your timelines? If they want a casual understanding, then a day-to-day repetition of Spanish and English terms by your wife with repetition of the Spanish words by your kids could be good enough. But if they (or you and your wife) would like them to really understand Spanish, or there is some deadline (a trip is planned, or something of the sort), then look to courses.

As for specific methods, some libraries subscribe to Mango Languages, an online language learning site. I haven't tried it, but it's something you might can access for free.
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Would highly suggest your wife starts speaking to them in Spanish. All the time except when really necessary to speak in English (I am guessing their first language is English?) Any lesson plan is not going to do much unless they really have to use the language, and here it spoken often. Her speaking to them in Spanish, and them having to speak back, is probably going to make more of a difference than what lesson plan you choose.
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Also please note that having your kids watch content in spanish and have them hang out with the spanish side of the family can be of great help. Especifically the grandparents might be the key in this equation. My sister's spanish is absolutely awesome though she was born here and it has a lot to do with the education my "hispanic" grand-parents gave her.
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Sorry hear, not here [sheepish grin]

Check if any kids DVDs you have have a Spanish language dub. Cheaper than buying new stuff, and if it is stuff they have watched before you would be amazed at what they pick up (including that dialogue has been changed with the dub!)
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