Sesame Street-ish show in Spanish?
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What Spanish language kids' show (in the USA) would be good to watch for someone trying to pick up Spanish?

I would like to pick up some Spanish. I know a little, but nowhere near enough to follow conversations, or the nightly news, or sitcoms, or Sabado Gigante, or whatever. I can pick out individual words sometimes, but they're like a sudden beacon appearing out of chaos, soon to be reclaimed by it.

It occurred to me that it might be better to initially set my sights a little lower: on a kids' show, akin to Sesame Street or something like that, where learning the language is an inherent part of the show.

Any suggestions for shows along these lines that I could record?
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Plaza Sesamo.
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Best answer: Whoops, wrong link -- I mispasted. Try this.
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Go Diego Go and Dora the Explorer are both shown in Spanish in some areas of the US. They both have really simple language lessons that might be useful (and songs that might drive you to drink). I don't know what network they're on -- Univision, probably.
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Best answer: If you want simple, rather than child-focused, you might want Destinos. It's a 52-episode telecourse in the form of a soap opera.

Check your local listings, especially PBS or community college stations.

If you don't see it on your local carriers, I think you can watch the whole thing online. I think I've also seen DVDs at the local library - check your library to see if they have it.
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Dora the Explorer and its spin-off Go Diego Go are on Nickelodeon.
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This may be a bit more advanced, but perhaps you could try the wildly popular El Chavo Del 8 or El Chapulin Colorado (the inspiration for The Simpsons' "Bumblebee Man").
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fructose: "Dora the Explorer and its spin-off Go Diego Go are on Nickelodeon."

I was thinking of Dora la Exploradora and whatever Diego is in Spanish -- as far as I can tell, the show is still called Go Diego Go. Where I live, Nick Jr. shows them only in English. My in-laws live in an area with a large Mexican population, and they get them in Spanish, too. Not just the few words of Spanish that we get here, but entirely in Spanish. I don't think the Spanish ones are on Nick Jr. there.
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My favorite show for practicing and reviewing Spanish vocabulary is "Cien Mexicanos Dijeron", which is essentially Family Feud. It's on Univision every afternoon.
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Pocoyo. See here:
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