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Children's books in Spanish in Canada?

or, Estoy buscando libros para niños en español (probablemente en Toronto).

I am looking for some gifts for my 50%-Chilean godson (whose Chilean-born mother wants him to keep a foot in both languages). He is in Vancouver, I am in Ottawa and I will be in Toronto a few days before taking them to him. I figure Toronto is likely my best bet.

He is not quite two (but is spelling already), so I am looking for something in the beginner's range. If anyone can recommend a good store in any of these three cities (and ideally, a title or two) I'd be grateful.

I haven't lived in Toronto in years, but I vaguely recollect a Spanish-language bookstore somewhere around Bloor and Palmerston that used to have kids books displayed in the window. Still there? Figment of my imagination? Input is welcomed.
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What about buying books on amazon's spanish site? I've purchased french books from amazon.fr, presumably the same exists for spanish-speaking readers.
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Best answer: The bookstore near Bloor and Palmerston was still there when I was last in Toronto, last August. It's BolisBooks, 609 Bloor Street West.

There's also the Spanish Centre, near Yonge and Bloor.
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Best answer: Have you tried contacting Girol Books in Ottawa? From their website, it appears they're mainly a distributor, but that they are also open to the public and carry children's books.
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If you are OK with waiting until you are in Vancouver to buy the books, you could check out Sophia Books. They have a nice selection of kids' books in different languages, including Spanish, and the staff there are very helpful.
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The International Children's Digital Library might be useful.
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Best answer: 2nd-ing Girol Books. They are a full-fledged bookstore and carry quite a good selection of childrens' books if I remember (since they cater to Spanish learners their childrens' section is inevitably quite large).
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Response by poster: Thanks, all. Girol is maybe six blocks from me and while I have doubtless walked past it, I have never noticed it.
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Banana Boat in Kensington Market had what appeared to me, as a pretty good Spanish Children's book section on my visit two weeks ago.
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argh, Blue Banana, not Banana Boat! They list Spanish books on their products page.
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