Where can I find a swing arm lamp for a thick table?
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Where can I find a swing arm lamp for a thick table?

I am outfitting my lab and I want to install swing arm lamps at some tables. The problem is that lab tables are glorious old wooden tables that are more than 2" thick, meaning the regular swing arm C clamps just don't work. Any ideas about where to get swing arm lamps for really thick tables?
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Some swing arm lamp clamps (rhyme!) might have 4 small holes for screws to hold them in place, if you don't mind using screws on the tabletops.. I also once mounted one by simply drilling a 1/2" hole for the tang of the arm right into the desktop.
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How thick are the table tops? These clamps fit up to 2.5" thick tops.
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I have a similar situation and I have this lamp:


It also came with a screw clamp that was unusually wide as I recall (a call to a local dealer would confirm exact size). I used the clamp until I got a 4" thick work bench, so now I can screw it into the side. The other guy in our office cut a piece of scrap aluminum and screwed that into the side of his top, and then screwed the side bracket into that. It looks like it was made to go with the lamp. Its a great lamp. Perfectly tensioned, and through a hole in the top of the shade, gently lights up as it lights down. Good lcuk.
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if looks arent a priority, they sell c-clamps at the hardware store in all sorts of sizes...just clamp the base to a piece of wood that it will fit on and then clamp that to the table
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