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Where can I get a light therapy box for S.A.D. in Toronto?

Pretty gloomy here, and me and my man are looking for some energy providing light. Thought it would be easy to find such a sun lamp, but not so much. Tried a Shoppers and Walmart. Where they at?
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I ordered mine online.
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Or a little closer in-town :)
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Philips have a product called Energylight. I don't know if that will help you, but it looks like it will. I expect most electronics shops sell it.
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You can make your own without much fuss.
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Most natural food stores carry the Blue Buster or something similar. When I worked at one we could hardly keep them on the shelves during the winter.
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I use a full-spectrum reptile lamp I bought at Petsmart. It works pretty well and was much cheaper than light therapy boxes.
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I too made my own. I had bought a shop light thing for my back room, and installed some full spectrum lights in it. And I noticed that I just felt great when in that back room in the evenings. SO I bought two more, installed the same lightbulbs and mounted them onto a homemade PVC pipe stand. Put it in the bedroom on a timer to go off just before dawn. Helped greatly.
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I bought mine at Shoppers Home Care Health Centre, of which there are ten in Toronto.
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Places like Noah's Natural Foods (several locations) and The Big Carrot have the Litebook Elite, which I find useful. May be hard to find at this time of year, as we're actually beginning to get some sunlight now.
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Zellers in Vancouver had one; you could check out the one off Roncesvalles.
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