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Where can I find a new carbide bike lantern for cheap, or how hard would it be to build one?

I recently read about carbide lamps and I found them fascinating enough to consider buying one for my bike. Most of the stuff on eBay is old stock, expensive, and ill-suited to my purpose-- more collectors items than anything else.

I found one company that sells the things, JK Dey and Sons, but they're in India, don't seem to have an importer in the US, and haven't responded to my e-mails.

So barring divine AskMe intervention, I might be SOL in the retail sector, which brings me to the backup question: How might I go about building one of these lanterns? I think I can get old plans from the patent library, but I don't have much in the way of power or machine tools. Is it still possible to construct one with, say, soup cans, rubber gaskets, and used lab equipment?
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I think Lehman's imports Indian-made carbide lamps. On backorder, natch.
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I found a spot here that has some sources of them, particularly for cavers.
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I'd be a bit careful trying to make one, considering it's a small pressure vessel containing flammable gas ...
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Try eBay? There are over a hunded currently listed, including one NOS.
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Best answer: Fair warning: If you live in London or Boston you'll get shot in the head for having this thing.
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