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Any idea where I can find this deco lamp?

I haven't been able to find much of that type online so far, other than the super-expensive (or really trashy) things on eBay. Does anyone know of a company that makes reasonably priced deco reproductions? This company has exactly what I want, but, well, anything that requires a quote is pretty much sure to be out of my (grad student) price range.
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Write and get a quote. From their web design, it looks more like they just haven't set up a good system for attaching prices to their slideshow of items, it might be more about convenience than how expensive those pieces are.
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Have you looked at Design Toscano? They've got some nice figurine table lamps.
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What do you consider super expensive? Over $100? Over $50?

You can search for "deco lamp" by price ranges at RubyLane.com. You can also make an offer on anything that you see that you can't afford. They have been known to bargain.

eBay in the UK has a nice one that might end up being within the $50-100 range (before shipping, sigh.)

Oddly, I live in Chicago near a Korean neighborhood and the funky gift store on the corner, Kim's Mart, sells pretty good reproductions of this style of lamp that I can't find online!
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Okay, here are two. Dancer One. Dancer Two.
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Response by poster: I'd consider these (a different style, but painfully beautiful) to be super expensive. I'm much happier in the $50 to $150 range, if possible.

Great suggestions so far, thanks all!
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Actually, *I* went ahead and wrote to those people, for the hell of it, and here's what they said:

"Lamp #3 is titled lady seated on the obelisk and is currently priced @ $715.00 and the qty available is 3 however one has a slight imperfection."

So, yes, out of your price range. I thought their title might help you with your search though.
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Do a search for Spelter Figure Lamps (or just Spelter Lamp): eBay, GoAntiques.com, Ruby Lane, Sheryl's Art Deco Emporium, etc.
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