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Where online can I buy slim fit dress(ish) shirts?

I've found that H&M slim fit shirts (small size) fit me perfectly. The only one I have I got in a thrift store, and I haven't been able to find them at the store near me. I know H&M doesn't have an online store, but is there anywhere I can buy them online (tried e-bay, couldn't find any)? Or are there other shirts that might fit similarly? I've looked here but I'd also like to know online stores. I'm 5'11. about ~145lbs, and I'm in the US.
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Outlier sells hipster dress shirts but they're sold out. I have several pairs of their pants and they among the best pieces of clothing that I own.
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Gap shirts are pretty slim, especially the "slim" or "athletic fit" shirts. They're not quite as skinny as H&M (which are too snug for me), but I think that they're a little better constructed.
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No need to bother with disposable H&M clothes. Ralph Lauren shirts, especially the slim fit ones, are true to size, and fit oh-so-fantastically. You can get great deals when they're on sale (Kayla shirts are $59 right now), and they last for years. Seriously, I've had a couple for at least half a decade now, and they look like they haven't aged a day (I just got a couple of new ones; I mostly choose them on how unnoticeable the logo is).

If you dislike logos on your clothing, Ann Taylor shirts fit pretty well too, but their sizes are quite generous (I wear their 00, and I'm not skinny, just petite). I've been asked on three separate occasions whether I've had Ann Taylor shirts tailored - they are great for people with tiny waists. Lately, all of their shirts have been the kind that is missing the top three buttons, so I haven't bought any, but the ones that I bought years ago for something like $80 look pretty much brand new, too, despite weekly wear year-round (non-stretchy fabrics). I'm hoping that their winter collection will feature shirts with a full set of buttons again.
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Oh, wait, you're a guy? Sorry. This Ralph Lauren link might still work; Ann Taylor doesn't sound like your kind of place.
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Small H&M shirts fit me well too. I've recently discovered that American Apparel dress shirts fit me extremely well, are of high quality and are surprisingly tasteful. Don't let their advertisements convince you that they only sell ridiculous clothes. They're available online on their website, but I would recommend going in at least once to try them on.

(I'm afraid you and I will tend to float in Ralph Lauren shirts)
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H&M is cheap in price and quality, it seems. I've had luck getting slim-fitting, decent quality, cheap dress shirts... in the vintage section of Etsy. It fulfills all of my requirements.
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Brooks Brothers
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Lands End does decent custom shirts and has a 'no questions asked' return policy. I've returned stuff a couple years after purchase. You're free to choose fabric, placket, cuffs, pockets, collars, etc.

Brooks Brothers makes nicer stuff, for sure, but at roughly twice the price. I've never felt like it was worth the premium, though their slim fit stuff might be exactly what you want right off the rack.
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LL Bean has some of their line in Slim fit. And 2nding Lands End custom.
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I sympathize with you, because I have had so many frustrating experiences trying on supposedly "small" and even XS shirts that fit like fucking muumuus. Personally, Uniqlo makes my favorite cheap slim cut dress shirts; they don't technically have an online store, but you can browse on their website and then order from their New York store over the phone (877-486-4756)(I've never done this but read several accounts of doing so). As suggested above, American Apparel is also a good option, though I think their styling can be a little weird and you may get less choice there than you want. If you're looking for slightly more casual stuff ("dressish"), Urban Outfitters, as ridiculous as I always feel going in there, often has decent looking shirts that are very slimly cut and/or offered in XS.
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My boyfriend has a tough time finding shirts that fit him. His typical go-to place is Banana Republic, but the last time we were out we wandered into an Express on a whim, which yielded some great slim-fit results.

And look, both places have online stores!
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Give Original Penguin a look see.
The Earl is a great polo, Heritage Slim Fit is what you're looking for. And as far as the other shirts, if you want tight just be sure to stick with a slim. I'm not sure if they ship international though.
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My suggestion would be to buy the best quality shirts you can afford, shirts that express your personal style, as opposed to the fashion-of-the-day, and then have those shirts tailored to fit you. There are numerous threads on the details of this process, and it is not nearly as expensive as it would at first seem (particularly when you are making shirts smaller). The fit will be perfect.

Perfectly fitting clothes of quality materials are most often what make you look good, as opposed to the trendiest prints. (IMO) If you dress to reflect your sense of who you are, you will have these shirts long enough to have saved money in the long run...and looked your best the whole time.
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I'm in the same boat - H&M fits me well, but no stores nearby. I recently found some Calvin Klein slim fit stretch dress shirts that were a good fit (I now own three).

Link is to CK online shop, but may be available at your local department store.
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You'll definitely want to check the measurements of your shirt before you pull the trigger on any of these, but here are a few options:

Land's end and L.L. Bean have both recently launched lines with a more modern slim fit: Land's End Canvas and LL Bean Signature.

Shirts from Gitman Brothers Vintage have a great slim fit and are high quality but quite pricey. You can definitely score good deals on these on Ebay if you set up some saved searches or RSS feeds and are patient.

Brooks Brothers slim shirts aren't terribly slim, but their extra slim shirts might fit the bill for you.

Also, not a specific brand, but Blackbird and Context Clothing sell a lot of higher-end stuff (that also tends toward pricey), but they do have occasional sales.
posted by crosbyh at 10:59 AM on August 4, 2010 has a thread called The Definitive Guide to Slim Fit Shirts that may be of help to you. Trends a bit towards the expensive end, but there are some deals; Polo Custom Fit shirts I think cost about $50 retail.

Also seconding the suggestion to find a decent tailor and develop a good relationship with them. You'll drive yourself crazy trying to buy only clothes that fit you perfectly off the rack - it'll save you money (and you'll look better) in the long run to just buy quality clothes and have them altered to fit exactly.
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If you do buy from Brooks Brothers, make sure to get *extra* slim fit shirts. Their slim fit is really a normal fit, and their regular fit is basically a cotton garbage bag with arms. And wait for a sale! No reason to pay full retail for Brooks Brothers when they have massive sales every few months.

Your alternative is to buy shirts that fit in the neck and shoulders, and then pay a tailor $15-25 per shirt to slim down the body. Just make sure they fit in the neck and shoulder, because those are the hardest and most expensive parts to alter.
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My boyfriend is more than a couple years out of their target demographic, but he finds some of his nice, "date" buttonshirts at American Eagle in size XS which fit really well.
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This is a month late, but for anyone coming along after the fact, I highly, highly recommend

Custom tailoring might seem like overkill, but at Modern Tailor's price, it's not even really an indulgence. Before finding that site, I typically bought regular dress shirts at Banana-Republic-ish stores and got them tailored afterwards, which meant I was spending around $70-100 on a shirt. I also have a couple slim-fitting dress shirts from H&M and Zara, as well as some acquired in boutiques and secondhand shops. When my first Modern Tailor shirts arrived, they instantly became the best shirts in my closet, for a total price of $65 per shirt, shipping included. I seriously doubt I'd be able to pick up better standard dress shirts in a store, and in-person custom tailoring would add quite a bit to that price tag.

Five reasons I love Modern Tailor so much:

1. You choose everything about the shirt. The fabric, the spread of the collar, the style of the cuffs, the cut of the shirt bottom, the appearance of the placket. You can design shirts that are classic, or go with something a bit more contemporary.

2. There's really nothing like a custom-tailored shirt. Like you, I'm a tall, slim guy. (Six feet, around 155 lbs.) I have long, slender arms that befuddle your typical dress shirt sleeves. I like my dress shirts to extend a good several inches below my waist (H&M shirts tend to run short on me). When I wear a tie, I typically go full Windsor, so I like a generous spread in the collar. My ModernTailor shirts are the only ones that meet all these specifications - perfect collars, perfect sleeves, perfect length.

3. The price. $65? For a shirt that will last me well beyond the time my H&M shirts are cleaning rags? Seriously?

4. Service and shipping are excellent. I typically choose expedited production 'cause I'm super-impatient (I didn't include this in my per-shirt estimate above), and the shirts arrived the week after I ordered them. According to Unrefinery (whose review led me to Modern Tailor in the first place), the store offered no-cost replacement for an imperfectly-fitting shirt.

5. The options. I'd never heard of "Portofino cuffs," but I liked the look of them, and put them on one of my shirts for kicks. They look great! If there's a small chance that you would geek out on being an amateur shirt designer, you'll love the amount of control you have over the look of your shirts.

All right, I'm done fawning, but really, it will be very, very hard to convince me to pick up a dress shirt in a store again.
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