Wearable landscapes and scenery
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I really like clothing (specifically shirts, dresses, skirts and tights/leggings) with all-over scenery or landscape prints. Where can I find more of it, and what search terms would help me zero in on it?

Basically, I'm completely enamored with clothing decorated with a scene or landscape image that wraps around the entire garment but is not a repeating pattern. E.g., this dress from Anthropologie (which I picked up last year when it finally went on sale) and these space tights (which I don't have but WANT).

I'd love more stuff like this, but for whatever reason I can't seem to figure out how to find it except by accident. Thus, I am wondering if there's some search term I'm neglecting to consider. Every time I try to google (using terms like "all over print" and "landscape shirt" and whatnot) I end up getting a lot of Hawaiian prints, generic floral prints, and those t-shirts with giant dragons on them (none of which are quite what I'm after). Links to specific items would be helpful too, though I'm not someone who can generally afford to go into the triple digits for non-necessity wardrobe items. Thanks!
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I don't have ideas as far as what search terms to use, but seeing your question immediately made me think of pizza shirt.
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I got some nice results from the searches "photo print dress" and "landscape print dress" - GIS'ing both of these, the majority aren't what you want, but there are some good hits.
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Best answer: These space socks are gorgeous and handmade, so you might be able to get them as full-tights.
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Best answer: The leggings are all from Black Milk. I've heard pretty good things about BamBam leggings as well.
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Best answer: Motel has some neat dresses in this style: waterfall, beach, poppy field, mirrored island.
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Best answer: Design by Humans and Imaginary Foundation really like their all-over prints.
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Best answer: I love photoprint clothes too - I've noticed it is still mainly a high-end trend, but I expect it will trickle down eventually, and become more widely available.

I love this Modcloth dress, and the variant here. I also like this men's tank from Target!
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Best answer: Zara also has several dresses like this, though many of them have that mirrored thing going on: flower print, another flower print, yet another, palm trees, fish, yup more flowers

And a skirt

And these frankly amazing pants and two pairs of shorts

And several neat shirts: building facade, more palm trees (love this one!), highway at night, more mirrored flowers
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Oh man, Urban Outfitters has some great men's tees in this style. London, glacier, galaxy, galaxy.

And this awesome Sparkle and Fade dress that I wish I hadn't seen because I do not need any more dresses right now!
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AND FINALLY, this is sort of what Pinterest was made for.
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showbiz_liz clearly has her finger on the pulse! This dress is FANTASTIC and on sale, too!
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Anthro does an awful lot of these. Here is a skirt, and two dresses.
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I've seen a few like this from Eva Franco.
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I came in here to second Black Milk
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Have you seen these cloud nebula skirts? I love them!
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i've seen lots of stuff like this on Asos and Modcloth. On Asos you can find stuff by searching for "photographic print."
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Photo prints seem quite popular this season, snap up anything you like because soon they'll be back to florals and boring prints. Really realistic or beautiful prints are nowhere near frequent enough :(
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I also forgot about Lovely Sally leggings. They have some gorgeous landscapes.
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Threadless does this fairly often. No great thoughts on how to narrow it down from that though.
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Boden usually has a couple sprouting-from-the-hem skirts, which is kinda what you're looking for.
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