men's summer DRESS shirts that wick moisture and stay dry - NOT COTTON
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I am looking for nice dress shirts to wear to the office that would be made of some kind of microfiber or quick-dry fabric. In our office we cannot wear polo shirts, so it has to be the traditional type of collar shirt. In the 90+ summer heat and humidity, I am a wet mess by the time I get into the office. I don't like cotton shirts for this reason, that they get sopping wet and don't dry out fast enough.

I have a couple of golf shirts from Nike that are made of a kind of spun synthetic fabric that is sort of like mesh (but isn't see through). The amazing thing about these shirts is that no matter how hot or how much you sweat, the air blows through and they stay dry. I'm wondering if anyone knows of dress shirts made of a similar fabric? Short sleeved dress shirts are okay, but no polo or golf shirts are allowed (otherwise I'd just wear my Nike ones).

NOTE- please do not recommend linen - too much to take care and too many wrinkles

Thanks for any and all recommendations!
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I am a wet mess by the time I get into the office

Could you wear a different shirt in and change when you get to work? Might be easier (and cheaper) than replacing your entire summer wardrobe.
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Would something like this: ExOfficio Air Strip Shirt be acceptable? A lot of travel and outdoors companies make breathable synthetic shirts. Men's travel shirts from REI. Columbia also makes some.

If it was me, I'd just change shirts at the office, though.
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Moisture wicking dress shirt (it's for military, so there's only 3 colors but still). It looks like various other manufacturers make wicking dress shirts, as well

They also have Coolmax undershirts, which I think is actually what you need. Hanes makes a wicking undershirt as well.
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They aren't offering anything like that right now but uniqlo in the summer often has a line of clothes called DRY that might work, including short sleeved shirts last year IIRC.
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Best answer: I've been on the hunt for this same thing since February, and I've found the Columbia Global Adventure Shirt to be amazing. It looks nice, has a bit of stretch to it, but it wicks and dries better than any fabric I've ever seen. I bought one of every color they have.

They make a long sleeve version as well, which I tried on but didn't buy, because my job is cool with short sleeves. Same fabric.

I wore this while bike commuting last week and got soaked in the rain, and I was dry 20 minutes later. For regular outdoor activities it basically never gets "wet", no matter how much I sweat.

They make some pants as well, but the thinness of the fabric makes things a little, uh, too revealing. If they cut the pants a little looser I'd be wearing them right now.
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These guys make some shirts and pants that fit the bill.
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I also have this shirt from Kuhl, which is a little more casual looking than the Columbia one. Unfortunately it only comes in two colors which are basically brown and browner.
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They aren't offering anything like that right now but uniqlo in the summer often has a line of clothes called DRY that might work, including short sleeved shirts last year IIRC.

On the US site right now they have AIRism which seems pretty similar in concept, but it doesn't include dress shirts.
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I'm in a hot classroom in a 110 year old brick building that knows only varying degrees of too hot. I switched to Columbia's pants because I was tired of feeling like I fell in a jacuzzi. Now I'm slowly finding synthetic Oxford-ish shirts that help me stay dry, be slightly less miserable, and not looking like I just hopped out of a clown cart. Honestly, the hardest thing is finding shirts that don't look rediculous, but they're out there. The Columbia stuff is very good, once you get the all-over the map sizing sorted.
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You're looking for Outlier clothes.

They're using cotton and linen - a lot of traditional fabrics, but they're also doing unbelievable things with these traditional fibers to make them perform in new ways. When they say their Blazed Button Down breathes and resists sweat, believe it.

I commute by bike in their gear and so far this spring/summer, I hop off the bike (after 11 miles!), fix my hair, and I'm ready to go.

The clothes are pricey, but super high-quality. I own a few pairs of pants and a pair of shorts, and they're all I need. Plus, this stuff is sharp-looking as hell.

I cannot recommend them highly enough.
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Have you tried Uniqlo, if they have that where you live? Japanese summer are very hot and humid.
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It's cotton (or often a cotton-poly blend) but have you tried pincord dress shirts?
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You want a wicking undershirt. It'll pull the sweat away from your body and let it evaporate to cool you down.
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I struggled with this for ages when I was younger and my goto was a white undershirt and a white linen shirt. They are actually not to bad for wrinkles if you hang them to dry on a hanger and white tends to hide the wrinkles.

Even a plain undershirt makes a pretty big difference. I'm very curious about this specialty undershirts and may get one just to check it out.

I hate the fast drying sports stuff. It just looks to much like you're heading for the trail or off to play golf or coach a football team. I will probably pick some up now that i am not in England anymore (Chicago summer can be a like being in a concrete pizza oven) but I am not happy about it.

This may be of interest to you if you want more fashionable options: Mizzen and Main
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